Dr. Azizzadeh, Treatment of Nasal Tip Bossae – “Reverse Rhinoplasty”

Treatment of Nasal Tip Bossae – “Reverse Rhinoplasty”
Posted on 2009-10-16 12:10:41

Nasal tip bossae is an extremely common sequela of primary rhinoplasty procedures. Nasal bossae are typically the nasal tip cartilage that results from an over-resection of the outer portion of the nasal tip cartilage. When excessive amounts of the outer tip cartilage is removed, the rest of the skin shrink-wraps over the remaining weakend cartilage and the cartilage edges show through and results in bossae formation.

Oftentimes, the nasal tip bossae is also associated with breathing difficulties because of the external nasal valve collapse. Because of the over-resection of the nasal tip cartilage, the structural support of the nose is usually lost and the patients are unable to breathe through their nose either through one or both sides of their nostrils.

Dr. Azizzadeh during the revision rhinoplasty consultation will discuss multiple options for the treatment of nasal tip bossae. During the revision rhinoplasty procedure, an open rhinoplasty approach is utilized to identify the nasal tip cartilages. Structural support will then be utilized using the patient’s own cartilage to reconstruct the nasal tip to its native form. Dr. Azizzadeh often refers to this as “Reverse Rhinoplasty” as many of the original aspects of the nasal tip will be reintroduced in order to recreate an aesthetically pleasing nasal tip. Reverse rhinoplasty is oftentimes one of the most gratifying aspects of the revision rhinoplasty as patients are so appreciative of being able to breathe again and have a beautiful aesthetically pleasing nasal tip.

If the patients have extremely thin skin, Dr. Azizzadeh often utilizes fascia, which is harvested from the patient’s own body as a thin coverage of the cartilage so that the cartilage does not show through the skin and the skin has an additional cushion, which creates an extremely beautiful aesthetics to the nose. During your consultation at The Institute for Rhinoplasty and Nasal Reconstruction in Beverly Hills or Newport Beach, California, Dr. Azizzadeh will furthermore discuss all the necessary options.

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