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“I had previously seen Dr. Cabin for Botox for hyperhidrosis and had a really good experience. I kept him in the back of my head for future Botox or injectable filler needs, but turned out I had a suspicious mole that needed to be removed. Because of the location of the mole and my worrying about it scarring, I really wanted someone good in plastics and cosmetics to take care of me and thankfully Dr. Cabin’s office said he would be able to do the procedure for me.

Everything went smoothly, my mole was benign (yay!) and I was left with no scarring whatsoever. His office was great and the doc himself was super kind and professional. Thank you again!” -Sophie

“Had a great experience with Dr. Cabin! I went in for cosmetic botox for my armpits to avoid sweat stains for an upcoming event. I was a little nervous to have the procedure, but Dr. Cabin was so nice and calmed my nerves by talking through the whole procedure with me. He was continually checking in with me to make sure I was feeling ok and wasn’t in any pain. The procedure ended up being a lot less painful than I imagined, and it was over in the blink of an eye. I had really great results and would definitely do this again in the future. Seriously – if you are considering getting your sweating under control this is a great way to do it! Thank you again Dr. Cabin!” -Kate

“Went to Dr. Cabin for my first botox procedure. I was hesitant and nervous but he explained the procedure in depth and I felt comfortable and in good hands. He was very gentle, it was relatively painless, and the results were amazing. I have since had the same cosmetic procedure administered by two different doctors who are in closer to proximity to where I live and the results have not been as good or long lasting as with Dr Cabin. Excellent doctor. Highly recommend!” -Julia

“I will definitely be coming back. Dr. Azizzadeh and his staff have been nothing but amazing to me and very compassionate.”

“Dr. Cabin is a fantastic doctor. He has a great bedside manner – he is very reassuring and attentive. It is clear he is very knowledgeable. During my visit, Dr. Cabin spent so much time with me answering questions and concerns.  He has a very realistic approach to cosmetic procedures and is sensitive to the requests and needs of each patient. His work is pain free and has great results! I highly recommend him.” -Melissa

“You are one of a kind! May all the happiness you give to others be returned to you. You have a heart of gold. You are much appreciated and never forgotten.”

Thank you so much for being such an amazing, understanding, and patient surgeon. I am happy with my new look and am looking forward to seeing what my nose would look like after the one year post-op. Thank you to your staff as well. They were very helpful during my recovery. 🙂

Thank you!

Thanks again for all your hard work on my face. It’s now new and improved with 3 titanium plates. That means I can hit harder right? I can’t thank you enough for making time to treat me so quickly after my injury. I’m already on a strong road to recovery, due in large part to your efforts. I can’t thank you enough.
Your staff are all excellent and wonderful. Thanks! Thanks!

Thank you so much for taking such good care of Patrick. I really appreciate you fast-tracking the procedure to get him taken care of and on the mend!

Kindest Regards,


That’s me – thanks to you.

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to finally feel normal and the ability to breathe. It means the world to me. You’re one of the few most decent and honest doctors with great integrity that I’ve had the pleasure of meeting in my life. I am blessed to say you are my doctor.

I really appreciate your kindness and exceptional gift of your time teaching me. I am inspired by your skill!

Thank you again!

Thank you so much for the wonderful care I received during my surgery. I am so excited to finally be able to breathe through my nose! The rhinoplasty looks wonderful and I promise to be very careful this time around (no baseball, horseback riding accidents with the nose!).
I knew the moment I had my first consult that you were the right surgeon for the job. You are a brilliant and gifted doctor and I am forever grateful to you and your staff.

Thank You,

P.S. A special thanks to Chloe as well for putting up with all of my questions!

Thank you so much for your kindness and generosity to Joey and our family. We were truly overwhelmed by your willingness to help our son. We will keep you updated as Joey continues his recovery.

Please tell Chloe “thank you” too for all your help!


I want to thank you again (and again) for doing such a great job on my crazy nose. You’ve been so wonderful in every way. You are an extremely, rare breed – supremely skilled, intelligent, artistic, AND so kind, patient, and compassionate. Thanks a zillion! I hope you and your family have a tweet holiday season!

Your staff are all excellent and wonderful. Thanks!


I wanted to thank you for everything. I didn’t to be a difficult patient by asking so many questions. The way I really feel, is “liberated”. It’s a wonderful feeling, after living with my nose the way it was for so long. I hope you have a very Happy Holiday!


Thank you so very much for the incredible reconstruction you performed. You are amazing!! We appreciate you so very much… We wish you and yours the best for the Holiday Season…

Warm Regards,

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Hello. How are you? I had to write you and tell you again how you have changed my life. You are an amazing doctor. I feel like you and your staff are like family to me. Keep changing people’s lives. Have the best Christmas ever. Pictures are coming.

Thank You,

People used to comment that I looked tired, even when I wasn’t. The incredible improvement around my eyes is a true testament to Dr. Azzizadeh’s superb skills. Now I receive many compliments on my fresh, youthful appearance!

As a motivational speaker and life coach, it is my job to inspire people to fulfill their dreams. Helping others to conquer their fears and reach their goals takes more than compassionate listening and guidance. Whether I’m conducting a workshop, or coaching an individual, it is important that I radiate the kind of exuberance that energizes people to make positive changes in their lives.

With a warm and caring approach, Dr. Azzizadeh listened to my concerns and understood the end-result I wanted from cosmetic surgery. Dr. Azizzadeh’s high level of professionalism, talent and sensitivity to my individual needs set my mind at ease and made me feel comfortable throughout the process. In the end, he rejuvenated my eyes, making me look as vivacious as I truly feel.

The confidence I have gained as a result of this transformation has been life-changing. Thank you Dr. Azzizadeh! You are a master of your art!


You should see my face today! I really look great; I am so excited. I never explained this to you before…I was never shy about meeting new people because they never knew me any other way. But seeing people who knew me before BP was so excruciating because there would always be this second where I watched an expression cross their face, like, what happened? It was better if they just came out and asked me if I had a stroke.

Anyway, now I feel my face is so much better, I will never feel that embarrassment again. So there are no words for that. But it is an enormous thing in my life. And I know you probably operate on a lot of gorgeous people who only want to look more gorgeous and I think that’s completely legitimate. But believe me, all I ever wanted was to look normal again, and you gave me that. So I will thank God for you every night for the rest of my life before I go to bed. And that is the truth. And I will see you in November for my follow up.

Take care,


Hope you are having a wonderful summer – we love you and miss you and are so grateful that you came into our lives – looking forward to seeing you in the fall for my 3000 mile check-up! Please give my love to everyone at the office.

Mary Jo Buttafucco

It has been two weeks and two days since my surgery and my face is almost fully recovered. I am back at work now and the feedback from my co-workers is all very positive. My self esteem has increased tremendously and I feel like I can face the world again. I know that I mentioned this when I left your office to return to Northern California, but there are no words great enough to express my gratitude and awe at your ability as a surgeon. You are the best choice I could have made for my surgery.


Thanks so much Dr. Azizzadeh for the amazing job you did on my nose!! I am thoroughly satisfied with the results and with the care I received at your clinic.


I can’t tell you how blessed I feel to have met you and gotten you in my life. I don’t know how I got so lucky to have had you bless me with your talent. I of course at this point think of you every day.How could I not, just looking at the mirror and watching the healing process and the transformation take place

You have the biggest heart. I do realize how big of a gift this surgery was. I can’t thank you enough for your time, talent, and undying patience with me.


Just wanted to thank you again for being there during surgery.I feel that I was in the best of hands!! I thank God everyday that I came out to L.A.!!!

Dr. Azizzadeh, you changed my life. I’m not even completely healed up yet and I am so excited! Dr. Azizzadeh, the first time I met you in person. You were so professional yet so personal. You really do care about your patients and that’s what makes you a special Dr. A, you have changed my life and I will NEVER forget you. Thank you for your special care. Your wife and children must be so proud to have a daddy like you. Please continue to do what you are doing and please know you are appreciated

Dr. Azizzadeh, I wanted you to know that your staff is wonderful! I felt like I was in another world or everyone took happy pills because they were all just great! (Thanks Angie for taking my stitches out without me fainting! It was painless! You were great!) . Thanks again to all of you. Your #1 fan

What a pleasant surprise to open our local paper and read your name! I can’t believe that little old me from a small town in Pennsylvania had the same doctor as the starts from Hollywood! I knew you were very special from the first time I met you . not only for your technical skills, but your compassion, warmth, honesty and heart.

It is a pleasure to share my experience. One thing I always share is that I wish that I had not gotten Bell’s Palsy to begin with … I feel so much better physically since the surgery and feel I look better too. I also realize my case was so much milder than some of the ladies I have spoken to. I wish them the very best and I have shared with them that you are a very compassionate and caring person. That truly made all the difference in my decision to come and I will always be grateful in your care. N.E.

I can’t thank you enough for all the caring and support you all have given me these past two months. I have been blessed having you come into my life. My family and I thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

I wanted to write to tell you how much I am enjoying my “new” face and getting the chance to see a more normal “me” again. You erased the burden I’ve carried with me for seven years of the effects of facial paralysis. The ramifications are many and range from the small, feminine pleasures of putting on lipstick or wearing a necklace to facing each day with happiness and optimism, free of constant self-consciousness and negative memories (from acoustic neuroma). Your skill, artistry, compassion, patience and enthusiasm are greatly appreciated. Thank you for restoring my joy in life.


I keep thinking about you and finally decided to sit down and send a note to tell you (again) how much you’ve changed my life with the work you did on my face. I am so happy with it, and I just can’t thank you enough! A physical therapist was examining my face recently and commented more than once on what a great job you did.


Dr. Azizzadeh is truly gifted. Plus, he is kind. It is rarity to find both qualities of kindness and skill in a surgeon.
RR (revision rhinoplasty)

Hi All!!

Day 15 and looking FABULOUS! I am so thrilled at how things are progressing so far and just had to share some pics with you! Thank you all so very much for EVERYTHING!

I especially would like Dr.Azizzadeh to see these pics and know how thrilled I am so far. I still have a little bruising and swelling but for the most part I am healing very well..I love my nose.I love my eyes.. I love my neck…I wish I had done this sooner. My family thinks I look awesome.a real HOT MAMA..I LOVE IT!

You all have been so wonderful. Thank you…


And 3 months later: same patient

This was my first cosmetic procedure and I am amazed at my transformation. I love the new” me and I am starting to forget the “old” me already! It is amazing how “looking good” can change your entire attitude and outlook on life!

I am sitting here addressing this envelope to you about to start writing in this card when I see you on TV on the Discovery Health Channel. Wow! I am pleasantly surprised! The show segment is featuring your trip to Ecuador. It is highlighting the work you do for children with facial deformities. What a truly special human being you are!! And a kind gentleman. You have helped not only me with my small dog bite but so many others with more severe circumstances. You are one of our angels. I am so grateful to have met you and I am so very appreciative for all that you have done to help me with my lip. I feel so much better about myself and so confident because of you and your expertise. Thank you for your kindness and your generous heart! I adore you for the man you choose to be in this world.

I just had to write again and tell you how thankful I am over the wonderful job you did in surgery. I hope you get similar emails from time to time… When I wake up in the morning, I just wash my face and do my simple routine… I don’t think twice anymore. I don’t try to lift one side up that seems to be drooping so much – I am so completely grateful I was able to have this surgery. I can’t help but think of you when I look at my face and be grateful that you were led to go into this field! Thank you for your excellence!! And strangely enough, I feel I can smile more when I take pictures with my kids. My personality can shine and, though I don’t look like I used to with better symmetry, I feel world’s better.

Just had to tell you how thankful I am once again! You’ll probably hear from me from time to time, expressing my joy! Hope things are going well! My family is well and we are enjoying the blessings God has given us! Blessings ~

how are you? its been almost 2 years since i had my surgery…and let me just tell you, i can still breathe through my nose! i am so happy, and everyday i wake up feeling so blessed that i was able to find you and you were able to help me! plus, my nose looks fabulous too! many many thanks!

i hope all is well…please tell everyone in the office and your beautiful wife i said hi.

best regards,

Just as many artists, the face is behind the art. Your face is behind your work like Roy. -(Lichtenstein, picture included)-
Except you made it to the Oprah show. Thanks for all you do for me. You make thing possible for me.

I will be in town in July and I will make an appointment just to check in with the Doctor. Please extend my gratitude to the doctor, and of course yourself, in advance for answering my questions. He is truly one of the best, most compassionate, and skilled doctors I have ever had, and trust me I have had a lot.


Thank you so much for your time, patience, honesty and care. You are truly one of a kind.

Thank you,


Thank you so much for your time, patience & most of all, expertise.
We look forward to seeing you in Los Angeles.

You are amazing!

Sincerely, J & S

Thank you for everything. Giving me the courage to go back to dancing which is the love of my life. I’ll always be grateful,



Yes I am healing well and am especially thrilled with my eyes and my jaw/chin. I am a little concerned that my lips have kind of disappeared 🙂 I am going to get Juliana to send you a picture. Probably when the swelling goes down it won’t be so bad and I guess I can always can something pumped in there! But it is kind of amusing because I wasn’t too blessed in the lips department anyway. Everyone is so excited for me and how much better the symmetry of my face looks, even at this early stage. It is I who thank you.

Take care,


Good Morning!

I wanted to take the time to write this letter to voice my gratitude to Dr. Azizzadeh, and the entire staff, especially Chloe for all of their help. I now wake up in the morning and smile at my cute new nose. After several years and hours of research, I decided upon Dr. Azizzadeh and flew from Rhode Island to have this done by him. My friends could not understand me flying across the country to have Rhinoplasty and Septoplasty done. They felt that there are very good surgeons in NYC and Boston. After years of research and several consultations, I was at ease with my decision to go ahead with the procedure. I am very selective ande with all that I had learned about the risks, I know that Dr. Azizzadeh was the right decision.

Dr. Azizzadeh is an amazing doctor and I could not have asked for a better experience. He expressed genuine and made this very difficult decision so easy and comfortable for me. Dr. Azizzadeh calmed my every fear and personally spoke with me on several occasions, he always made time for me.

I truly appreciate the care and patience displayed by Dr. Azizzadeh and Chloe. It was a pleasure to talk to Chloe who guided me through every step of the process.

The end result was exactly what I wanted! My confidence and self esteem have risen and I feel much happier now.

It took a lot of time for me to build up the courage to go through with this and looking back, my only regret is that I hade not done it sooner. Dr. Azizzadeh is an amazingly gifted surgeon who genuinely cares about people. I will always be grateful, you have changed my life!

With utmost thanks and respect,

I wanted to write and thank you again for helping me with my eyes. I feel relieved now. I hope you have helped lots of people this year. You are different than most doctors. You really listen. My boyfriend and I will be in Los Angeles in the next few months. I wanted to come in for a few little things and to see everybody. I will call soon. Have a Merry Christmas and a Healthy New Year.


My life changed completely. Stopped drinking and smoking, doing sports, meditation, and living each day a healthier life. You and Dr Larian are 2 great healers, along with all your team. My life was a real big mess before this surgery, so thank you once again for your excellent work 😉 I hope every thing is ok with you.



Thank you for everything you have done for me. I feel amazing and I know longer have to look in the mirror and see pain. You have found me again. You are so perfect in listening to my concerns and fixing exactly what needs fixing without allowing me to overdo. You have been given an awesome talent and are using it for so much good. You are truly a blessing and I am grateful to have you as my doctor.

Have a great day!