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Revision Blepharoplasty

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Sometimes eyelid surgery does not have the desired outcome. Dr.Azizzadeh sees many patients who are unhappy with the results of eye surgery and require corrective cosmetic as well as functional surgery. Correction (revision) surgery can be complex of nature. Tissue around the eyes and lids is extremely sensitive and several issues can become a problem if not addressed correctly.

Patients may complain of being unable to close the eye(s) completely. If too much skin was removed during the initial surgery, the surgeon may opt for harvesting tissue from the mouth to elevate the tissue on the inside of the eyelid. Or the Doctor may decide to use skin from behind the ear; which closely resembles eyelid skin.

In many occasions, eyelid surgery not done well can be spotted quickly by the rounded shape of the eye corners versus the natural shape. In many cases the shape of the eyes is also not symmetric. This particular problem can cause irritation when blinking and patients complain of dry eyes often beside the obvious cosmetic issues.

Eye procedures, whether initial or revisional, are generally done on an outpatient basis, in a few hours, depending on the severity of the correction.

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