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Blepharoplasty, also known as eyelid lift, has gone through a significant transformation over the past five years. Traditionally, eyelid lift surgery involves the removal of significant fat, skin and muscle in order to obtain what is perceived as “youthful” eyes. This approach can result in hollowness of the eye area and a “cat-like” look of the corner of the eyes that looks un-natural and changes the entire appearance of the person. Also, complications were more common with these types of procedures.

Today we know that the aging changes around the eyes does not just involve sagging skin. It has multiple components such as loss of skin elasticity, drooping of the eyebrows and cheek fat pads and weakness of supporting eyelid structures that lead to puffiness under the eyes. In the evaluation of aging eyes the forehead and mid face also need to be thoroughly evaluated.

Through a better understanding of eyelid anatomy, facial analysis and aging changes, Dr. Azizzadeh utilizes a very different approach to eyelid lift correction. His approach can include the use of fillers/injectables (Restylane, Juvederm), fractionated laser skin resurfacing, conservative surgical eyelid contouring (Blepharoplasty), fat grafting (MFG (Multi-level Fat Grafting) method), endoscopic brow and/or mid face lift to create the most natural and long-standing results.

With this eyelid lift method each individual receives a personalized approach to their eyelid correction. The results are natural and involve minimal risks, complications or down-time.

Before and After Primary Rhinoplasty:
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