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Microtia, describes a condition in which the external portion of the ear is incompletely formed. A common congenital defect, microtia does not necessarily affect the function of the ear. In more serious cases, however, microtia may be accompanied by a condition known as atresia, in which the outer auditory canal is damaged or missing; and many cases of microtia are accompanied by some degree of hearing loss.

Types of Microtia

Microtia can be either unilateral-affecting only one ear; or bilateral-affecting both ears. Additionally, microtia is classified by grade according to the extent of the defect.

  • Grade I Microtia – a relatively mild manifestation. This describes a condition in which the ear is smaller than normal, but still well defined.
  • Grade II Microtia – moderate case of microtia, in which some of the features of the ear are missing or severely underdeveloped.
  • Grade III Microtia – sometimes referred to as Classic Microtia, describes a more severe type of microtia, in which most of the external portion of the ear is missing or severely underdeveloped. This is normally accompanied by atresia, or lack of an external auditory canal.

In the most severe cases, no outer ear develops at all. This condition is called anotia.

Reconstructive Surgery

In most cases of microtia, we prefer to begin reconstruction at a relatively young age. Because the ears are not fully developed when a child is still small, it is often possible to reconstruct the ear at a very young age.

We offer a variety of treatments for all types of microtia. Depending on the type and severity of the condition, you have a range of choices available, from taking no action, to full surgical reconstruction of the ear. We will be happy to describe all of the options available to you and your child, and help guide you to the best solution for your needs.

Microtia can be difficult to deal with it can make you self-conscious about your appearance. If you or your child has microtia and you are looking for an aesthetic solution, please contact Dr. Azizzadeh today to schedule an initial consultation. Dr. Azizzadeh works with patients all over the Los Angeles and Beverly Hills, California area.

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