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Facial Cosmetic Surgery: Mid-Facelift

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In facial cosmetic surgery Dr. Azizzadeh utilizes the Endoscopic subperiosteal mid-facelift to address the hollowness under the lower eyelids (the cheek-eyelid complex) and improve the position of the nasolabial folds (“laugh lines”). These complex regions are not treated with traditional facelifts and eyelid procedures. Patients who have undergone traditional facelift procedures can have great results with the lower face (jowls, jaw-line) but often complain of persistent sagging of the mid-face resulting in an un-natural look and a “face-lifted” appearance. Most patients do not desire a “face-lifted” appearance. Addressing these areas in facial cosmetic surgery is extremely important for a youthful appearance of the face.


Illustration of the midface area that can be addressed with endoscopic midface lift, midface implant and/or multi-level fat grafting

The Endoscopic subperiosteal mid-facelift is utilized by only a few surgeons around the world in facial cosmetic surgery and was developed by combining modern endoscopic techniques and craniofacial reconstruction. Using small incisions and a small telescope, the mid-face region is elevated and placed back in its original position. The eyelid-cheek regions as well as the nasolabial folds return to their natural youthful position providing significant harmony to the face. The hollowness under the eyes and the “laugh lines” dramatically improve. This in turn will result in a more natural aesthetically pleasing appearance.

The Endoscopic subperiosteal mid-facelift is usually combined with other facial cosmetic surgery procedures such as the facelift and eyelid procedures in order to produce a well-balanced and youthful facial appearance. Please contact Dr. Azizzadeh for more information on the mid-facelift.

Before and After Mid-Facelift:

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