Jodi Slavica, RN

Jodi Slavica, RN

Jodi Slavica, RN, is a registered nurse at the CENTER for Advanced Facial Plastic Surgery in Beverly Hills who works to bring patients excellent results through non-invasive cosmetic treatments. With a wide knowledge and expertise in custom skincare using Botox, chemical peels, facial fillers, and skin-tightening Ulthera, chemical peels, Lasers Etc. Jodi believes that each patient deserves a unique approach to overcoming their problem areas.

Jodi originally began her career in Edmonton, Alberta Canada, where after two years of working in neurosurgery nursing, she moved to the Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles to care for pediatric neurosurgery patients. From there she moved to Cedars Sinai and worked in the Cardiac ICU. Nearly four years ago, Jodi joined the CENTER and trained with Dr. Azizzadeh to perform the most advanced non-invasive cosmetic treatments available.

Treatments Offered By Nurse Jodi

As a skincare and injectable expert in Beverly Hills, Jodi is able to produce both natural and youthful results for patients seeking facial or body rejuvenation with the following types of non-invasive treatments at the CENTER for Advanced Facial Plastic Surgery:

  • Facial Fillers
  • Botox
  • Chemical Peels
  • Ulthera
  • Fractionated Laser
  • IPL Laser
  • SCULPThera
  • CoolSculpting
  • Non-surgical Facial Paralysis Treatments (Botox for Synkinesis)
  • Botox for excessive sweating

Because Jodi was trained by world-renowned facial plastic surgeon Dr. Azizzadeh, director of the CENTER, Jodi understands the importance of bringing natural results to her patients, and achieves this through extreme attention to detail during procedures. Whether an individual is seeking a first time CoolSculpting procedure in Beverly Hills, or has been a long time patient of the CENTER, Jodi tailors each and every treatment to meet their exact needs and goals.

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Nurse Jodi FAQ’s

Q: How long has Jodi been providing cosmetic services for patients in Beverly Hills?

A: After joining the CENTER several years ago, Jodi began training to become an expert skincare professional. She is now able to provide skincare consultations and develop unique treatment plans to address the needs of every individual that she treats.

Q: What kinds of procedures does Nurse Jodi perform?

A: Nurse Jodi is an expert in several non-invasive treatments at the CENTER, including facial rejuvenation techniques like fillers, Botox, and Ulthera. Additionally, Jodi is a CoolSculpting specialist, providing the fat freezing treatment for patients who wish to banish their extra bulge. Jodi is skilled in using Botox to combat synkinesis in patients suffering from Bell’s palsy.

Q: Can Nurse Jodi provide Botox and facial filler treatments for individuals suffering from facial paralysis or Bell’s palsy?

A: Yes, Nurse Jodi can absolutely provide these treatments for individuals suffering from facial paralysis or Bell’s palsy in Beverly Hills. In fact, Jodi has provided facial filler treatment along with Botox injections for numerous individuals who have seen an impressive increase in facial symmetry.

Q: How can I schedule an appointment with Nurse Jodi?

A: If you’d like to schedule an appointment with Nurse Jodi, please contact the CENTER today. During your consultation, Jodi will be able to answer any questions that you may have and discuss the best treatment options for your goals and cosmetic needs.

Schedule Your Consultation With Nurse Jodi Today

If you’re interested in learning more about Nurse Jodi or the services that she’s’ able to provide, we encourage you to contact our office today to schedule your initial consultation by calling (310) 491-.5945(310) 491-5945. During your first appointment, Jodi will develop a completely custom treatment plan unique to your needs and goals, allowing you to see natural, healthy, and youthful results. For more information about undergoing non-invasive cosmetic procedures in Beverly Hills, please contact the CENTER for Advanced Facial Plastic Surgery today.