Jewish Rhinoplasty

Jewish Rhinoplasty

Beverly Hills facial plastic surgeon, Dr. Babak Azizzadeh, sees many Jewish patients who want rhinoplasty surgery. Treating Jewish patients is a very delicate procedure, as it is important for Dr. Azizzadeh to give them the new nose they desire, without completely erasing their ethnicity.

During a Jewish rhinoplasty consultation, Dr. Azizzadeh takes the time to understand the patient’s goals for the surgery. A detailed consultation ensures that Dr. Azizzadeh is able to provide the patient with the results they want.

Jewish rhinoplasty

In most cases, Jewish patients want nose surgery to simply improve the shape of their nose. Generally, the Jewish nose tends to have a large dorsal hump and a prominent over-projected nasal tip. Many patients want a nose job in order to decrease the size of their nose.

Dr. Azizzadeh has found that many prospective patients struggle with the desire for a more refined nose, while at the same time trying not to offend their family and heritage by “erasing” signs of their ethnicity.

Dr. Azizzadeh specializes in ethnic rhinoplasty procedures. He has a thorough understanding of the differences in nose aesthetics among every ethnicity and is therefore able to preserve the patient’s heritage. Many ethnic patients seek out Dr. Azizzadeh because he is able to help them achieve a more desirable nose, while at the same time keeping their ethnic identity in tact.

Teenage Jewish rhinoplasty

In addition to adult rhinoplasty procedures, Dr. Azizzadeh is also very experienced with teenage Jewish rhinoplasty surgery. Many young patients and their parents opt for nose surgery at the end of high school or during college. More information on Teen Rhinoplasty.

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