Aging process of the face, plastic surgery information

Aging Process of the face

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Dr. Babak Azizzadeh, a renowned plastic surgeon specializing in facial rejuvenation, has created the “Aging Arc” to describe aging in visual terms in relation to age in actual years. Dr. Azizzadehs goal for his patients is to put them in the positive range on the Aging Arc, meaning they appear radiant and the best they can for their chronological age. People in the negative range either appear older than their age indicates or drastically younger due to cosmetic intervention.

Aging Process

Face 20s

While environmental factors can have irreversible outcomes, there are certain elements of aging that are within human control. Dr. Azizzadeh endorses facial rejuvenation techniques that prolong his patients position in the positive range of the Aging Arc

Aging Process

Face 40s

Aging Process


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