Before & After Revision Rhinoplasty Pictures

Before and After Revision Rhinoplasty Pictures

Revision rhinoplasty is one of the most complex plastic surgery procedures and requires the skills of an experienced facial plastic surgeon. Dr. Cabin and Dr. Azizzadeh are both double-board certified in Otolaryngology and Facial Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery, giving them unparalleled knowledge of the nasal anatomy and aesthetics. When it comes to revision rhinoplasty, only trust your nose to a true expert!

Chin implant - Beverly Hills - Dr Azizzadeh
Female patient in Beverly Hills gets subtle, natural, and rejuvenated results from multiple procedures: revision rhinoplasty, small chin implant, transconjunctival lower blepharoplasty, and multi-level fat grafting to her tear trough,
Beverly Hills - Chin implant - Dr Azizzadeh
Dr. Azizzadeh corrected the patient’s nasal tip, foreshortened nose, and asymmetry with revision rhinoplasty; a balanced aesthetic was achieved with a small chin implant, lower blepharoplasty and multi-level fat grafting.
Chin implant - Beverly Hills - Dr Babak Azizzadeh
Side view of refreshed and youthful female patient after revision rhinoplasty and other facial rejuvenation treatments by Dr. Azizzadeh.
Beverly Hills - Chin implant - Dr Babak Azizzadeh
Revision rhinoplasty by Dr. Azizzadeh helps achieve facial harmony for a female patient in Los Angeles.
Revision rhinoplasty - Beverly Hills - Dr Azizzadeh 1.1
A female patient in Beverly Hills received revision rhinoplasty to give her nose a more natural look.
Revision rhinoplasty - Beverly Hills - Dr Azizzadeh 1.3
Before and after profile photos of a patient’s revision rhinoplasty by Dr. Azizzadeh.
Revision rhinoplasty - Beverly Hills - Dr Azizzadeh 1.6
Revision rhinoplasty corrected the nostril shape to produce a symmetrical appearance.
Revision rhinoplasty - Beverly Hills - Dr Azizzadeh 1.4
Beautiful results from a revision rhinoplasty in Beverly Hills to match the patient’s aesthetic preferences.

Female has revision rhinoplasty surgery with Dr. Azizzadeh to fix unwanted results from previous rhinoplasty.


Revision rhinoplasty with Dr. Azizzadeh improves the appearance of the tip of the patient’s nose.

Revision rhinoplasty - Azizzadeh - Beverly Hills 1

Revision rhinoplasty for 40 year old woman produces beautiful results.


Front view of the same patient’s revision rhinoplasty with Dr. Azizzadeh.


Female came to D. Azizzadeh for a revision rhinoplasty to improve the shape of the tip of her nose.


Revision rhinoplasty side view – injectables, a rib graft & temporalis fascia were used in this procedure


Non-Surgical (noninvasive) rhinoplasty used in conjuction with temporalis fascia & rib grafting



Direct view of a revision nose job done with injectables, rib graft and temoporalis fascia


Female requiring an extensive revision rhinoplasty came to Dr. Azizzadeh. He and his partner Dr. Larian both collaborated to give her this remarkable result.


Front view of the same patient, showing results of a revision rhinoplasty surgery with Dr. Azizzadeh and Dr. Larian.

To learn more about revision rhinoplasty nose job surgery, please contact the CENTER to set up an initial consultation. For our out-of-town patients, we offer Skype consultations so your first appointment is as easy and convenient as possible.