Chin Augmentation Before and After Pics

Chin Augmentation Before and After Pictures

The goal of a chin augmentation is to create a facial appearance that is more in balance. For patients with an overly prominent chin or, alternatively, a hidden or sunken chin, a chin augmentation with Dr. Cabin or Dr. Azizzadeh is the ideal procedure to create a more balanced aesthetic.

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Chin implant - Beverly Hills - Dr Azizzadeh
Female patient in Beverly Hills gets subtle, natural, and rejuvenated results from multiple procedures: revision rhinoplasty, small chin implant, transconjunctival lower blepharoplasty, and multi-level fat grafting to her tear trough.
Beverly Hills - Chin implant - Dr Azizzadeh
Dr. Azizzadeh corrected the patient’s nasal tip, foreshortened nose, and asymmetry with revision rhinoplasty; a balanced aesthetic was achieved with a small chin implant, lower blepharoplasty and multi-level fat grafting.
Chin implant - Beverly Hills - Dr Babak Azizzadeh
Side view of refreshed and youthful female patient after revision rhinoplasty and other facial rejuvenation treatments by Dr. Azizzadeh.
Beverly Hills - Chin implant - Dr Babak Azizzadeh
Revision rhinoplasty by Dr. Azizzadeh helps achieve facial harmony for a female patient in Los Angeles.
Chin augmentation - Azizzadeh - Beverly HillsFemale patient receives subtle rhinoplasty and chin augmentation to achieve a more balanced aesthetic. Beverly Hills - Chin augmentation - Dr Babak AzizzadehCustomized chin augmentation procedure by Dr. Azizzadeh.
Chin augmentation - Dr Azizzadeh - Beverly Hills

Los Angeles patient’s flawless results from rhinoplasty and chin augmentation.

Beverly Hills - Chin augmentation - Azizzadeh

Chin augmentation in Beverly Hills helps define female patient’s jaw line.

Chin augmentation - Beverly Hills - Azizzadeh

Patient undergoes chin augmentation and submental liposuction to improve appearance of chin and jawline.

Chin augmentation and submental liposuction - Beverly Hills - Azizzadeh

Dr. Azizzadeh performed submental liposuction and a chin augmentation on female patient.

Male Facelift Surgery - Beverly Hills - Azizzadeh

Male has a combination of facial rejuvenation treatments with Dr. Azizzadeh, including a chin augmentation.

Male Facelift - Beverly Hills - AzizzadehChin augmentation with Dr. Azizzadeh results in a more prominent, sharper and thicker chin.
 Beverly Hills - Chin Augmentation - Azizzadeh

Patient has Botox injections with Dr. Azizzadeh to make the chin more prominent.

 Rhinoplasty and chin augmentation - Dr Azizzadeh 2

Patient has chin implant and rhinoplasty to achieve balanced and naturally beautiful facial appearance.

To learn more about a chin augmentation and facial rejuvenation please contact Dr. Cabin and Dr. Azizzadeh to set up an initial consultation. We offer Skype consultations for out-of-town patients to make the process as easy as possible. We look forward to hearing from you!