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What Can Be Done to My African American Nose?

I would like it to be thinner, fix the definition of the tip and the droopy part also. Is there a way to fix the crookedness?

A: The problems you mention can generally all be corrected with a rhinoplasty.

Question about rhinoplasty recovery time?

I am an 18 year old male college student and want to have the surgery performed over winter break. Assuming no complications, is the 3 week time frame of break a sufficient amount of time to get the surgery, recover, go back to normal activity, and not look swollen/bruised for school?

A: Should be fine.

Crease in nose tip?

Is a crease/indentation in the tip of the nose normal 7 weeks post-rhinoplasty? Is this asymmetry in swelling or a problem?

A: Too early to tell.

Swelling after 3 years?

Is swelling normal 3 years after a revision rhinoplasty?

A: Unusual.

This is highly unusual. It could be a factor related to environmental allergies, thick skin, and/or a complex initial surgery. It’s a good idea to see your surgeon to double check that everything is healing properly.

Itching and burning after surgery?

Is itching and burning normal two weeks after a rhinoplasty?

A: See your surgeon.

It’s important to make sure that you are not getting any irritation from antibiotic ointment. Sometimes, allergic reactions can be developed. It’s best to see your surgeon.

Uneven nostrils 8 months after open rhinoplasty?

Will my nostrils even out?

A: Most likely

Because you’re only 8 months out of surgery, it’s important to continue to be patient during the healing process. In some cases, it can take up to two years for the final results of the rhinoplasty to be seen. If you’re unhappy with the results then, I’d suggest visiting an expert rhinoplasty surgeon who can examine your nose and help you achieve nostril symmetry.

What Could Be the Cause of a Nose Becoming Wider After Rhinoplasty?

I feel like my nose is now wider, is this swelling?

A: Difficult to say

Without seeing photographs or being able to examine you in person, it’s difficult to say what could be causing your nose to appear wider. You mention that you underwent your rhinoplasty several months ago–with a rhinoplasty, swelling and the recovery process as a whole can last up to 2 years until final results can be seen. If you’re procedure was performed during this time frame, it’s important to continue to be patient. If you’re experiencing any problems having to do with breathing or functionality, I suggest visiting an expert facial plastic surgeon for a second opinion.

How Long Could It Take for my Nose to Reach Final Shape After Rhinoplasty?

When can I expect to see the final results from my procedure?

A: 1-2 years

Because you are still very early on in the recovery process, you shouldn’t be concerned with the final results of your procedure just yet. In many cases, it may take an entire year to see optimal results following your rhinoplasty and up to two years for patients with thicker skin who underwent a complex procedure. Unless you are having a problem with functionality, it’s best to continue to be patient during the healing process.

Eyeballs Beet-Red in Far Corners After Rhinoplasty?

Today is day 2 of my recovery process, I had quite a bit done (open rhino/septo, sewing of my cartilage for narrowing, fracturing and bump removal, dropped and narrowing the tip).

A: See your surgeon

I suggest that you see your doctor immediately; however it is most likely a subconjunctival hemorrhage which is common after surgery and very benign. Though this usually resolves without any treatment, it’s important to make sure there is nothing else going on.

Do cartilage grafts used to build the nasal bridge last a lifetime?

If a surgeon wants to put a cartilage graft above the hump in my nose to straighten it out instead of shaving the bone and making my nose smaller, will the cartilage last forever or will I have to go in for a touch up eventually?

A: It will last.

When I perform a rhinoplasty, I do so to ensure longevity of the nose. Of course, certain complications can occur, though generally speaking, cartilage grafts most often last a patient a lifetime without requiring the need for a touch up or additional rhinoplasty.

Smile hasn’t returned 1 year after rhinoplasty?

My teeth are very covered with my lips when I smile, which was not like this pre-surgery. Should I be concerned? What could be causing this?

A: Be patient.

What you are describing has been known be helped by releasing the depressor septi nasi muscle. It’s a good idea to speak with an experienced facial plastic surgeon about this. Following another six to twelve months, your smile should return back to normal.

Bulbous tip after rhinoplasty?

I’m considering rhinoplasty surgery to correct an asymmetric tip. Can a rhinoplasty achieve this?

A: Yes.

A rhinoplasty can absolutely achieve the results that you desire. It’s important to speak with an expert rhinoplasty surgeon to ensure that your goals are understood, which will further help you achieve natural and optimal results.

Inconsistent swelling at 5.5 weeks post rhinoplasty?

I’ve began to notice a small bump on my nose. If I press down on it gently, it goes away. However, the swelling after my procedure has been very inconsistent. Is this just temporary?

A: Very normal.

What you are describing is extremely normal so early on in the recovery process following a rhinoplasty procedure. Over the course of the next twelve months, swelling may be expected. If you are concerned, please see your surgeon to discuss other possibilities.

Tip hard as rock after surgery?

After undergoing rhinoplasty, the tip of my nose is as hard as a rock. My surgeon says it is due to the many layers of cartilage fusing together. Will my tip ever be soft again?

A: This is very common.

What you are describing is very common after a structural rhinoplasty has been performed. In most cases, the nose will usually soften up in time but may take 1-2 years before the full results can be seen and felt.

Minor changes with rhinoplasty?

I am considering undergoing a rhinoplasty, but do not want much done, only very minor changes. Is this possible? Will I need to undergo a less extensive surgery?

A: You are a great candidate.

Correcting a nose that is too wide and bulbous is common when performing a primary rhinoplasty. Even though you do not want too many changes, an expert facial plastic surgeon will always make sure that your nose is in harmony with the rest of your facial features, leaving a balanced and natural look. When I perform rhinoplasty for my patients, I always make sure to listen to their goals and develop a unique and tailored approach to ensure the best results possible. To answer your question, it is possible to perform rhinoplasty that will meet your goals.

Scar Tissue (Pollybreak)?

During my rhinoplasty, my surgeon told me that I had excess bleeding. Could this be the reason why I am experiencing abnormal swelling? I realized after my surgery that alcohol and smoking is prohibited, though my doctor failed to notify me.

A: Unrelated.

Swelling after a rhinoplasty is very common in every patient who undergoes the procedure. What you are describing sounds normal. Though smoking can produce harmful effects on the body, I’d recommend speaking with your surgeon about the risks specific to your procedure.

Nostril reduction after rhinoplasty?

I had a rhinoplasty 2 years ago and my surgeon suggested to do the nostril reduction after 1 month recovery. Unfortunately I didn’t have the chance to do the nostril reduction, and now after 2 years I’m thinking of it. Can it still be performed?

A: Seek A Second Opinion

Though it can potentially be difficult to perform nostril reduction so long after a rhinoplasty, outstanding results can still be achieved. It’s best to seek the help of an experienced facial plastic surgeon with an expert knowledge in the performance of rhinoplasty surgeries.

Droopy bulbous tip three months after rhinoplasty?

I had surgery three months ago to bring the width of my nose in. Why is it appearing droopy and bulbous?

A: Wait at least 12-18 months.

You are still very early on in the healing process following your rhinoplasty. It’s possible that for some individuals it may take anywhere between 12-18 months until you’re able to see the best results from your surgery. If you are concerned, I suggest visiting your plastic surgeon to make sure you are healing properly.

I had a rhinoplasty ten days ago, but am now noticing that the tip of the nose is not in proportion with the rest of the nose?

I had an open rhinoplasty. The splint was removed today.

A: Too early to tell.

Unfortunately, it is too early in the recovery process to tell whether or not the disproportion is happening as a result of swelling or actual surgical problems. It’s best to wait it out and to see if the results change, as it can take several months before a patient is able to see the final result from a rhinoplasty.

Rhinoplasty travel and activities 3 weeks post op?

I’m wondering if it is ok to travel and participate in activities (swimming, out door hiking, etc.) after undergoing a rhinoplasty surgery just a few weeks ago.

A: Speak with your plastic surgeon

Though I advise patients that this type of activity would generally be ok, everyone has different protocols that they should follow.

What is tip rhinoplasty?

have heard of “tip rhinoplasty”but don’t know what it is. How is this different from other rhinoplasties?

A: Aesthetic enhancement

Tip rhinoplasty involves the aesthetic enhancement of the tip only.

Does surgeons break your nose during rhinoplasty?

I would like to know if surgeons break your nose during rhinoplasty.

A: Depends on your anatomy

Sometimes, but it really depends on your anatomy and surgical treatment.

African-American rhinoplasty – how is it different?

How is an “African-American rhinoplasty” (i.e nose surgery on blacks) different from a Caucasian rhinoplasty?

A: Aesthetic ideals are very different

Aesthetic ideals are very different and surgical treatment typically involves different techniques. Key is to not change ethnic essence of an individual.

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Is blood and mucous normal after a rhinoplasty?

I’m experiencing some blood and mucous after my rhinoplasty surgery a couple of weeks ago.

A: Blood and mucous are normal following surgery.

What you’re describing sounds relatively normal following a rhinoplasty. It’s very common for patients to experience some bleeding, swelling, and inflammation with mucous in the weeks following your procedure. If you feel that the problem is getting worse, it’s always a good idea to contact your plastic surgeon to follow up on your healing process and to make sure there is no infection.

Should I be able to see my septum after rhinoseptoplasty?

I can see my septum on my right side and had surgery recently to correct a deviated septum.
A: A visible septum after a rhinoseptoplasty is fairly common

A: A visible septum after a rhinoseptoplasty is fairly common

If you are noticing anything out of the ordinary, however, such as pain or extreme discomfort, it is best to always speak with your plastic surgeon about what can be done to aid in your recovery.

Can African-American Rhinoplasty Be Achieved with a More Natural Ethnic Look?

I am an African-American women and I wonder if doctors can reconstruct more cartilage than bone. I have seen many rhinoplasty and they seem to always narrow the nose in such an unnatural way. I saw somewhere that they can put an s shaped implant to build the bridge up. My concerns are my profile and the flatting of my nose when I smile.

A: The key to a successful ethnic rhinoplasty

Absolutely! The key to a successful ethnic and african-american rhinoplasty is creating a natural and appropriate nose that fits your facial shape, skin color, ethnicity and eye appearance. You can get an excellent outcome in the right hands.

Should I be able to see my septum after rhinoseptoplasty?

I can see my septum on my right side and had surgery recently to correct a deviated septum.
A: A visible septum after a rhinoseptoplasty is fairly common

A: A visible septum after a rhinoseptoplasty is fairly common

If you are noticing anything out of the ordinary, however, such as pain or extreme discomfort, it is best to always speak with your plastic surgeon about what can be done to aid in your recovery.

Is Off Roading Post-Op Rhinoplasty OK?

Is it ok to go off roading in a truck 6 months post op rhinoplasty? Could possibly the vibrations of the bumps and road do any damage to my nose?

A: Post-op precautions

It is very important that you take all the necessary precautions post-operation. With that said, I would say that it is most likely fine that you can go off roading in a truck 6 months after surgery. However, please consult your doctor so he/she can evaluate your individual case.

Can Smoking 6 Weeks After Rhinoplasty Surgery Still Damage Breathing Results?

I am 7 weeks post rhinoplasty. For a week now I’ve been smoking 5-8 cigarettes a day to calm me down in a stressful period. I’ve noticed inner swelling immediately, the nose seems to close up from the inside and I still can’t breathe properly. Can 2-3 packs already influence the inner healing and scar tissue development?

A: Smoking can impact the healing process

Unfortunately, smoking can actually impact the healing process due to its activity on the small blood vessels. However, the exact effect on swelling, scar tissue formation, and overall healing is not known at this point.

My recommendation is to stop smoking immediately. I also strongly suggest you go see your rhinoplasty surgeon for a full evaluation.

Crooked Nose or Uneven Swelling After Rhinoplasty?

I had rhinoplasty to straighten my nose. I just got my cast off, and it is clearly not straight. If a nose looks crooked when the cast is removed one week after rhinoplasty, does that mean that the nose will be crooked when the swelling is gone?

A: Wait 24 months before evaluating your rhinoplasty

It is completely normal to be anxious about your results, but you must try to be patient. While your nose might look crooked immediately after removing the cast, it does not mean that the nose will be crooked when the swelling is gone. It is actually impossible to tell right after you take your cast off. I advise all of my patients to wait 24 months before evaluating their rhinoplasty.

What To Do With Scabs Inside the Nostrils After Rhinoplasty?

I had rhinoplasty one month ago. I have scabs on the inside of my nostrils, and they are very uncomfortable. I was told to use peroxide and q-tips but it does not help. I feel stuffy because the scabs makeit hard to breath. Is this normal?

A: Use vaseline with cotton swabs

Scabbing on the inside of the nostrils might occur, but it is not something you should have to worry about. I would suggest using vaseline with cotton swabs (q-tips) and saline rinse. If that does not work, I would suggest you consult your rhinoplasty surgeon.

Can Rhinoplasty Correct Asymmetric Nostrils?

Septoplasty has left my left nostril larger than before. Is it possible to correct it back to its original size? Can rhinoplasty fix this kind of problem?

A: Rhinoplasty can improve the appearance of your nostrils

It is, indeed, possible to correct the complications you experience as a result of your septoplasty. You are correct in thinking that a rhinoplasty procedure can improve the apperance of your nostrils, just make sure you turn to an experienced surgeon!

Trouble breathing Through My Nose – Do I need Rhinoplasty?

I have trouble breathing through my nose but my doctor says it looks normal and I don’t need a rhinoplasty. What should I do? Could my doctor be wrong?

A: Please see an ENT specialist to determine the functional issues

Rhinoplasty implies aesthetic and cosmetic changes to the nose. You may need internal and functional surgery, such as septoplasty (straightening of deviated septum), turbinate reduction, and/or nasal valve correction. First and foremost, please see an ENT specialist to determine the functional issues.

Nose Surgery for Breathing Problems?

I have breathing problems and snoring because I have kind of a flat nose and was told that rhinoplasty surgery can correct this. But I am afraid that if I have surgery it is going to make me look a lot different.

A: Make sure your physician performs a full internal and external nasal evaluation

Rhinoplasty will likely change the shape of your nose. The key to a successful outcome is your communication with your facial and nasal plastic surgeon. Make sure that your physician and his/her team performs a full internal and external nasal evaluation, and that all of your options and concerns are discussed in details prior to surgery.

Rhinoplasty Options for Wide Nose Bridge?

I have a very wide nose bridge and wanted to know what could be done. I have always hated my nose because I feel it’s too wide. What are some of my options?

A: Options depend on appropriate analysis of your nose

Rhinoplasty options truly depend on appropriate analysis of your nose. Your rhinoplasty surgeon will have to determine the best surgical option for a natural outcome, which may or may not include osteotomy (repositioning of the bones) to narrow the bridge.

Is It Possible to Shorten the Nose with Rhinoplasty but Keeping the Tip Untouched?

I have quite a long nose but I do like the tip of my nose and so Im wondering if it is even possible to shorten the nose without remodeling the tip of the nose? if so would it be an open or closed rhinoplasty?

A: Able to shorten nose without changing tip of nose?

It is likely that you can have the nose shortened while keeping the tip of the nose intact. The outcome of the surgery ultimately depends on the anatomy of the “septal cartilage”. Find a facial plastic surgeon with experience in rhinoplasties and this type of rhinoplasty. They can help ensure the best outcome. Discuss this with your plastic surgeon to see if he/she feels this is a viable option for you.

How Long After Rhinoplasty Will my Tip Be Reducing in Length?

I had a rhinoplasty 4 weeks ago and I am concerned at how long my tip is. It is slightly longer than I was hoping. Will it reduce in length over time? Or am I stuck with this length?

A: Tip size after rhinoplasty

Since it has only been 4 weeks since your surgery, you are still experiencing a lot of swelling. Try to be patent. Over the next few months the swelling will continue to go down. The complexity of the surgery, manipulation of the tip, and thickness of the skin will also influence the amount of swelling. True results are generally not visible until about 1 year after rhinoplasty. As the swelling goes down, the length will most likely decrease as well.

Is It Safe To Get Septo/Rhinoplasty At Age 17? And Does The Bone Grow After?

My Age is 17+. Is it safe to get a rhinoplasty and septoplasty at the same time and does the bone grow after the rhinoplasty?

A: Safe to have rhinoplasty and septoplasty at age 17

Rhinoplasty should not be performed until the nose has reached its adult size. This is typically achieved at age 15 or 16 years old for females and 16 to 17 years old for males. It should be fine for you to have a rhinoplasty since you are 17 and your nose is most likely done growing. I would recommend consulting with an experienced facial plastic surgeon to ensure your nose has stopped growing.

Breathing Problem Due to Internal Swelling or Scarring?

It’s been three weeks since my primary open rhinoplasty, and I am still unable to breathe through the left side of my nose, which feels very congested. I can however breathe fine through my right side. The nurse told me that this was due to internal swelling on the left side. I’d like to know how long it will take for the internal swelling to go down? I am concerned that this may not be due to internal swelling, but rather scar formation under the nose.

A: Breathing problems after open rhinoplasty

Could be either swelling or scar tissue formation. Your plastic surgeon will have to do a thorough internal evaluation to see if internal valve collapse, swelling, inflammation, deviated septum or scarring is causing the breathing problems. Good luck!

If Rib Cartilage is Used For My Rhinoplasty, How Long Will it Last?

If I choose the rib cartilage to use for my rhinoplasty, how many years will it last?

A: Rib cartilage for rhinoplasty

If you are using your own rib cartilage in your rhinoplasty, it usually last for the rest of your life. If cadaver rib cartilage is used, which is rarely used, it has a higher rate of resorption.

3 Month Post Rhinoplasty. My Nose is Narrow and Smaller Than What I Wanted. Are Dermal Fillers an Option?

I had open rhinoplasty 3 months ago to remove a bump on the bridge and decrease tip projection- to improve my profile. Now that a lot of the swelling has subsided my nose looks narrow, my bridge is slightly scooped and the tip has been taken back too far. I am considering non-surgical options are dermal fillers an option? I have heard that fillers are not really advised to be used for projecting the tip of the nose, is this correct? Is 3 months post op too early for fillers?

A: Dermal fillers for tip and bridge of the nose

Dermal fillers are an option for the bridge of the nose. However, I would not advise using dermal fillers for the tip of the nose.

What Can Be Done to Reshape my Nose? I Have a VERY Bulbous Tip.

Without going on too much, basically I feel the bridge of my nose is ok but i have a VERY bulbous tip that kind of sticks out at the nostrils, almost like the bottom half of my nose has been stuck on.

A: Rhinoplasty for bulbous tip

Rhinoplasty done with care can potentially result in an amazing overall outcome. A plastic surgeon can refine the tip with structural support. It is important to balance the tip and bridge aesthetics. This will provide you with the nose you desire.

Hooked Nose Still Showing After Closed Rhinoplasty, Will It Improve?

Hi I had closed rhinoplasty done to remove somewhat of a hooked nose. I had my cast removed 2 days ago and doesn’t seem like anything has changed, looks the same to me. The hook is just slightly smaller but swollen but my side profile still shows a pronounced hook. I am a bit scared because as many have spent a lot of $. I am not using any tape or anything, should I be concerned? Thanks

A: Hook still present after closed rhinoplasty

It depends on type of surgery performed. If the tip cartilages were modified, then the tip may lift over the next few months. Let your surgeon know and keep in close connection with your surgeon.

Nose reshaping to the tip of my nose

Is it possible to just have the tip of my nose straightened without having a general anesthetic. Im 31 now and have wanted minor changes to my nose tip for sometime as i use to do k1 fighting and it got broken many times but now I’ve stopped the fighting i want to sort it out. I would be grateful for any advice.

A: Reshaping the tip of the nose

It usually requires utilization of septal cartilage to straighten the tip of the nose. As a result, most experienced rhinoplasty surgeons will utilize general anesthesia.

Tip still swollen at 4 months normal?

Is it normal for the tip to be very swollen at 4 months post tiplasty? I just had my tip worked on and it is very swollen and hard to and uneven.
When will I see softening and a thinner nose?

A: Tiplasty swelling

It is normal to have swelling 4 months after surgery. In fact, it can take up to 12-24 months for the swelling to go away completely. Try to be patient, over time the swelling will dissipate and your nose should look softer.

How Much Bruising Should I Expect 6 Weeks After Rhinoplasty?

Will there still be discoloration and pain 6 weeks after nose surgery?

A: Bruising after rhinoplasty

It is normal for you to still have bruising and discoloration 6 weeks after your rhinoplasty surgery. Be sure you are persistent about following up with your surgeon post-surgery to make sure everything is healing correctly.

Can I Have a Rhinoplasty and Septoplasty at the Same Time?

What are their complications and side effects? Will I need the same period to recover?

A: Septoplasty and rhinoplasty can be done together

Yes, most often septoplasty and rhinoplasty are performed at the same time as many surgeons utilize the septal cartilage for their structural support of the nose.

Is it Okay to Use Differin After Rhinoplasty?

Is it ok to use the topical cream (adapalene) Differin on your nose a month after rhinoplasty?

A: Acne cream after rhinoplasty

It is fine to use Differin on your nose a month after your rhinoplasty.

When is It Best to Use Your Own Cartilage for Rhinoplasty?

When is synthetic a better option for rhinoplasty? Is this only an option when natural cartilage failed on the first surgery and you need a revision, or vise-versa? What are some likely scenarios?

A: It is best to use your own cartilage if possible

It is always better to use your own cartilage if possible because it provides a lower risk of infection and complication, higher rate of incorporation, and better adaptability. In revision cases, it is even more imperative as the blood supply may be compromised from the previous operation(s), and, as a result, synthetic material may have a higher potential for failure. In primary cases for Asian, Hispanic, and African-American patients, silicone may be acceptable for dorsum; however, I still prefer patient’s own cartilage.

What Kind of Questions Should I Ask During my Consultation with a Rhinoplasty Surgeon?

What do I need to know about rhinoplasty surgery? What kind of questions should I ask about the surgeon? How many surgeons should I consult?

A: Questions to ask a plastic surgeon during a rhinoplasty consultation

There are certainly a lot of questions you will want to ask a plastic surgeon during a rhinoplasty consultation. The top 3 questions I recommend asking are:

  • Does the doctor offer 3D digital modeling? I like to think of 3D digital modeling as a way of empowering you, the patient. The process involves computer technology, which reproduces your face and nose from photographs onto a screen in 3D, and allows the surgeon to alter the nose and show you what the results will potentially look like. This technology helps you to see what the results of the surgery will look like to make sure you and the surgeon are on the same page.
  • What technique will be used for your rhinoplasty? One of the most important aspects of rhinoplasty that you will discuss with your potential plastic surgeons are the techniques used in your surgery. For example, open vs. closed rhinoplasty, revision rhinoplasty or non-surgical rhinoplasty.
  • How much experience does the surgeon have? You want to trust your rhinoplasty surgeon, so be sure to ask about his/her education and experience. Be sure they are board certified and have experience with patients who have similar nose issues to the ones you are trying to correct.
I’m Looking for the Best Rhinoplasty Surgeon in Newport Beach for a Nose Job?

A: I am up in Beverly Hills but have patients fly in from around the world

I am a double board facial plastic surgeon and ENT up in Beverly Hills, so have special expertise in the function and aesthetic of the nose. I have patients fly in from around the world and would be happy to give you a consultation.

Use of Filler After Unsuccessful Septo-Rhinoplasty – Doctor Recommendation for Orange County, CA

Had septo rhinoplasty 3wks ago. Unhappy that I have same problem as before. Which is a curve on 1 side and straight on other. I don’t want anything fancy but want it straight & symmetric. My doctor said he could not accomplish this because the upper lat.

Cartilage is pulled away because of a broken nose from 20yrs ago. This would have been good to know b4 surgery. He recommended a filler. What kind is best? Does it actually work? Any experienced surgeons w this in orange county ca? No revisions… too much risk

A: Wait before using any fillers

You should wait before using any fillers. But i would suggest to continue working with your doctor, or if you would like a 2nd opinion I am up in Beverly Hills and you can see my before/after rhinoplasty and non-surgical rhinoplasty pictures in my photo gallery.

Normal to Have a Lot of Asymmetric Tip Swelling 8 Months Post Open Rhinoplasty?

My left side is more swollen and there is a bump inside the top of my nose next to my septum and on the right side I feel a bally/knot under my skin. I also formed a Callus on the top of my bridge that is noticeable in pictures and people think it’s a bruise sometimes. AND my nose looks horrible in pictures. My Surgeon hasn’t been much help and just says it should all heal in time. I don’t feel convinced especially after coming across some bad reviews about him AFTER I had the Surgery.

A: Must wait at least 12 months to assess issues at hand

At this point you have to be patient and wait for at least 12 months (from the time of your surgery) to really assess the issues at hand.

How Much Swelling Will the Tip Go Down?

I just got my rhinoplasty 4 days ago, and I told my doctor not to touch my tip but it’s evident that he did. All my life I wanted a nose job, but now I’m starting to regret my decision to get one. Is my swelling on my tip normal? or is it abnormal? When should I expect it to get less? I hate my nose ? wah

A: Don’t worry – this is just post-surgical swelling and will go down

Don’t worry, this is just post-surgical swelling and will go down. You should feel comfortable talking to your surgeon about this as well. If he promised he wouldn’t touch the tip he probably didn’t, and it is just the swelling that makes it look different right now.

Is What I Saw After Removing my Cast my Final Rhinoplasty Result?

I’m 11 days post op and when I removed my cast I thought my nose looked really ugly and I looked like a pig, but now 3 days after removing my cast, my nose has gotten a little puffier and it looks way better than it did when I removed the cast. I heard when you remove the cast that’s what it will look like. Is it because my tip was higher? I hope it ends up looking more like it does 3 days after removing it then before.

A: No, final results will be visible after 1 year

Right now you still have a lot of swelling, so no this is not the final result. The final result is usually after 12 months.

Is It Too Soon to Remove the Splint Just 4 Days After Surgery?

I’ve recently had septorhinoplasty. I trust my doctor completely. He has plenty of experience and good reviews. I had my surgery on the 4th and the splints supposed to be removed on the 8th. Is this too soon? I only ask because I’ve read plenty about the surgery before having it, and it surprises me that it’s going to be done this soon. Should I be worried?

A: Depends on what was done. Go with your doc’s recommendation.

Removing your splint early really depends on what exactly was done during your surgery. I would suggest going with your doctor’s recommendation.

Excessive Bleeding 4 Days Post Rhinoplasty-can It Affect the Final Result?

5 days ago I had a quite extensive rhinoplasty (osteotomy + correction of nasal septum. There was more work done on the left side of the nose since I damaged that part during an accident 2 yrs ago, yesterday all of the sudden I got excessive bleeding from this side, is stopped & started 3 times the first time was very scary since about 1/3 of a cereal bowl of blood came rushing out. Thankfully my doctor made a house call and “packed” it again for 2 days. Can this sort of complication affect final shape of nose?

A: Not likely to affect the final result

Excessive bleeding post surgery is not likely to affect the final result. It sounds like your surgeon has it under control.

Still Asymmetry 17 Days After Rhinoplasty, Will It Get Better?

Hello. On the left, it is not swollen. I can feel my bone when I run my finger along my nose. On the right side, the “squishy layer” is so thick, I feel a swollen layer, I don’t feel my bone when I run my finger along the nose, and my nose is so numb. It is causing the bridge to looks wider on this side. When I push gently, my bones feel symmetrical though. I slept and laid down on the right side, it may be the reason why. Bruising was also considerably worse on this side. Will it get better?

A: You need to be patient and wait

You need to be patient and wait, it is not uncommon for there to still be a lot of swelling and possible asymmetry just weeks after surgery.

Had Open Rhinoplasty 15 Days Ago For Large Dorsal Hump, Still Pronounced and Hard and Bony, Will This Change?

I had open rhinoplasty 14 days ago to turn up my tip and reduce a dorsal hump, the size of my nose is not reduced and the hump is still large and feels like bone and not swelling. I’m unhappy as my nose is still not straight and bent looking

A: It is too soon to see final result

It is too soon to see the final result, however after a few more months if you are still unsatisfied I would discuss next steps with your surgeon.

6 Months Post Rhinoplasty with Osteotomies – Still Bleeding and Cannot Breathe

I am exactly 6 months post-op from a closed Rhinoplasty. My surgeon took down the dorsal hump, removed cartilage from the tip and performed lateral osteotomies. Since the surgery, my nose bleeds everyday – not a lot but enough to be annoying. Mostly when I blow my nose or feel like I have to clean it out. Also, when I lay down at night, I cannot breathe out of my left nostril. Is this normal? I cannot post my pictures b/c I work for a plastic surgeon.

A: Keep your nose lubricated with Vaseline and saline rinse.

Make sure your nose is lubricated appropriately with Vaseline and saline rinse. Still should wait a full year but your breathing issues may persist. You can also email me pictures privately.

Can I go in Public 6 days Post Open Rhinoplasty?

19 yr old Caucasian female – getting septum straightened, tip refined, hump shaved down -open nosed rhinoplasty Basically just trying to get an accurate idea of how I will look because I have an important meeting 6 days after surgery that cant be moved.

A: Should wait at least a week or two after surgery

You should wait at least a week or two after your surgery before you can expect to look presentable for an important meeting. Normally the bandages are not even taken off for 7 days after surgery.

Can Laughing and Smiling 2 Weeks After Rhinoplasty Effect the Final Results?

Hi, I had a septorhinoplasty about 2 and half weeks ago. The healing was going great. Last night, however, I laughed and smiled for a few minutes after my shower, and felt some pressure at the base (and a bit all over) of my nose. Then I spent a while checking from all angles if things had changed. I didn’t contort at all, just looked. It seems my bridge is wider and my tip less prominent. Are the day-to-day/hour-to-hour fluctuations just messing with me, or could I have done something?

A: It will not effect final result

Smiling and laughing is a good thing! don’t be worries about changing the final result, you may have just stretched the area which is why you felt some pressure.

Is It Possible For an Xray of Nose to Show Prior Trauma?

Hi there, I was curious to know if it is possible for me to get an xray taken of my nose and if a doctor is able to see from the results if my nose had been broken in the past (6-8years ago). I know that during my early teen years my nose was hurt multiple times but I feel that as I am a male I can only justify getting my dorsal hump straightened out if it can be proved that my surgery is more “corrective” than improving something that was more likely hereditary. Thanks very much!

A: CT scan would be more sensitive in finding old fractures

It may be, but a CT scan would be more sensitive in finding old fractures so i suggest that. Good luck!

Why Do Steroid Injections After Rhinoplasty Only Provide Temporary Relief?

I’m two months post-rhinoplasty. I was given a cortisone injection a week after the operation and the swelling went way down but a few weeks later my nose got more swollen. I was given another injection at 7 weeks post-rhinoplasty and after only two days the swelling went away and my nose looked amazing but as of a week later it’s getting bigger/more swollen again. It still looks pretty good right now but it looked even better before.

A: Steroids are only artificially reducing the swelling, you need to wait

Likely that Steroids are only artificially reducing your swelling. You have to let time do that. if done incorrectly, it can actually cause atrophy so make sure that it is.

Is Rhinoplasty Affordable for a College Student?

I’d like to know if a rhinoplasty operation is affordable for a college student living at home with his parents working a part-time job that makes around $7-$12 dollars an hour. I’m set on getting a rhinoplasty operation, but am not sure if I can afford it based on my limited income for the time being.

A: A rhinoplasty is an expensive procedure

A rhinoplasty is an extensive procedure and should not be done if you are going to be looking for a ‘budget’ surgery.

If it is not done right the first time you will need a revision rhinoplasty (as almost 20% of the population does) so will end up costing even more in the long run. You really do get what you pay for in most situations.

However, my office sometimes offers special discounts if we can use the patient’s testimonial and before/after photos for a video on the web. If you have any breathing issues you also may be able to get some of it covered by medical insurance. There are also financing options available to spread out the cost over a few years. Being done judiciously.

Does My Skin Type Effect Recovery Time After Rhinoplasty?

I had a closed rhinoplasty (remove a hump) three months ago. My nose is still pretty swollen. I went to my surgeon and he said that this is due to my skin type. Alhough my skin is not thick at all but apparently it just swells. My doctor suggested that I remove the tape on my nose for a couple of weeks. He thinks maybe I’m kind of allergic to the tape. Have you surgeons seen any case like this? And if you have, what’s the solution and how long should I wait to see the final result of rhinoplasty?

A: Yes it can happen, generally due to thickness of the skin, agree with removing tape

Yes it can happen – generally due to the thickness of the skin. I agree with removing the tape as your surgeon suggested.

Can I Scratch the Dead Skin on my Nose off I Month After Rhinoplasty

There is what looks like dead skin all over the tip of my nose. How should I scratch or take it all off?

A: Wash your face gently and it should come off

Be gentle, but yes you can wash your face even with a light exfoliator to help remove some of the flaking skin.

Does Taking Motrin Help Alleviate Swelling After Rhinoplastic Surgery?

Does Taking Motrin Help Alleviate Swelling After Rhinoplastic Surgery?

A: Not in the 1st two weeks as it increases risk of bleeding

Definitely not in the first two weeks as it increases risk of bleeding. Thereafter, there is not enough data to suggest one way or another.

3 Weeks Post-Op and Nose Tip Was Over Corrected, Now I Have A Piggy Nose, Will This Possibly Change?

I’m 3 weeks post-op and I’m worrying about my nose… It looks very upturned and I don’t know if it’ll stay that way. I had an open septorhinoplasty, reduce a bump and correct a droopy nose with a strut! My nose is taped (my ps wants to prevent weight on the bridge), he says that my nasal tip will drop but I’m nervous looking at me right now. Why the tape? Why my nose looks too upturned? will it drop after the tape is removed? The collumella looks big due to swelling? will it shrink?

A: Need to wait, 3 weeks is very early

You need to wait, at 3 weeks you are still in the healing phase. Tips can drop, but it will take time. Make sure to discuss your concerns with your surgeon.

Question About Touching Nose Post Rhinoplasty

I was touching my nose (I’ve only done this like 5 times since my surgery) and I accidentally pushed down a little hard on the tip and felt a minor sharp pain but it wasn’t a hit it was a slight push, I’m 9 months post op will this ruin my results)

A: You will be fine

9 months after surgery you are almost 100% healed so should be fine. However, discuss any concerns with your surgeon.

Will Taping the Tip of my Nose a Month After the Surgery Still Help with my Results?

I had a rhinoplasty about a month ago. I noticed that my tip is looking long and it is going a bit down but when I tape my tip and pull it a bit up it gives the result I wanted. So my question is will taping my nose tip help? Thank you

A: No, the tapping is used to control swelling not the alter the shape

No, the tapping is used to control swelling not the alter the shape, so unfortunately that will not do anything.

Ear Cartilage and Fascia?

Generally speaking, how many millimeters can 1 ear cartilage augment (the bridge)? This number will vary but what is an approx. typical number? What about fascia? 1-2mm?

A: Depends on how it is fashioned and placed.

Depends on how it’s fashioned and placed. I typically dice up the cartilage and wrap it with fascia. In combination we can get a significant amount of augmentation if needed.

Can a Bone Asymmetry Be Improved 11 Days After Rhinoplasty Before the Bone “Settles”?

Two of my concerns before surgery were a nasal hump and bone asymmetry. The bone seems to have been filed down the correct amount to give me a straight profile on both sides. However, when seen from one angle, the nose looks straight, and when seen from the other angle it looks as though I still have a bump. I attribute this to a persistent asymmetry and suspect the bone was not broken to correct this (only filed down). Can pushing down on the bone improve the outcome before the bone “settles”?

A: Possibly yes, but I wouldn’t advise

Possibly yes but most of the time this is due to asymmetry and I wouldn’t advise going back at such an early phase.

What Should I Use For My Scars After Open Rhinoplasty?

Hello I had a revison open rhinoplasty 3 weeks ago and my scars is very weird , it’s bigger then before and my nostrils are not the same but it was like that before so what should i do for my scar can i use kelo-cote or it’s just swollen and when is it going to be the same height of the bottom part. thank you

A: There are scar creams available, but just be patient

There are scar creams available, you can also do some Fraxel laser over the scars, but be patient, they should heal just fine on their own.

Is Rhinoplasty Completely Reversible?

I had rhinoplasty 3 weeks ago. The doctor raised my bridge with permacol and tip with ear+septal cartilage but I am not happy with the plastic look of my nose and all I want is having my old nose back. I am just wondering if it is possible to reverse the surgery, i.e to remove whatever the doctor put in my nose without getting the nose collapsed or deformed. If possible, is it a complicated procedure and considered as a revision or is it just simply removing grafts? Can I have this done ASAP?

A: Not completely reversible, but a revision rhinoplasty is possible after 1+ year

It is not possible to go completely back to your original nose, but after you are finished healing (at least a year) if you are still unhappy you can consider a revision rhinoplasty. However, keep in mind you are only 3 weeks post surgery and need to give time for the swelling to go down and see the final result.

Is This My Final Result 8 Weeks Post-Op?

hi i had rhinoplasty done 8weeks ago ,and i HATE what the surgeon has done to me. the nose is not straight one nostril is obviously bigger and higher and different size to the other and the nose is too upturned which makes it look piggy like and the nostrils show too much. my surgeon keeps saying its swelling but i dont believe him i think he messed up

A: Not 100% final but almost

At only 8 weeks it is not 100% final, but is almost there. If you are very unhappy then after you are finished healing (at least 1 year) you can consider a revision rhinoplasty.

Pain During Recovery from Rhinoplasty Surgery?

How much pain is involved, how much bleeding should I expect after rhinoplasty surgery? Will the pain from swelling and bruising start to subside in about 2 weeks?

A: Everyone is different

Everyone has a different pain tolerance, and the specifics of your surgery will also determine the amount of pain and post-treatment healing time. Most people can be kept comfortable with pain medication.

How Can I Help Healing of Columella Incision?

I am 3 weeks post op and I am wondering if I should be doing anything to help with the healing of the columella incision (stair-step incision). Should I put mederma, or bacitracin on it daily to help so it doesn’t scar? Or, should I just let nature takes it course and leave it alone? Thank you!

A: HybriSil, sunscreen and vitamin E

I usually recommend Hybrisil for about 6 weeks at this point. Make sure that you have sun screen on at all times. After the six-week period, I usually recommend vit E ointment.

Could I Have Done Damage 6 Weeks Post-Op By Bumping My Nose?

I was looking at something and moved my head too close to a wall. i felt the tip of my nose press against the wall and moved my head back. How will this affect my nose 6 and a half weeks after rhinoplasty?

A: Should be OK but consult with your surgeon

You should be OK from this bump, but please consult with your surgeon just to be absolutely sure. Good luck.

Could an Inexperienced Doctor Have Hurt my Rhinoplasty Result?

Had a septoplasty/rhinoplasty on August 1st almost 4 weeks ago. I had post-ops with my surgeon -a facial plastic surgeon and Otolaryngologist. I was experiencing increased soreness in my nose and discharge. My doc is on vacation, so I was given an appointment with another otolaryngologist in the practice who is not a facial plastic surgeon. During the appointment he squeezed/pinched down the length of my nose, which hurt a little and worried me. Do you think he could have damaged something?

A: Highly unlikely

It is highly unlikely the new surgeon caused any damage. ENTs are also very well trained surgeons so I’m sure he knew what he was doing.

My Nose Is Flat And Wide, Am I A Candidate For Rhinoplasty?

I am 14 and I want to get a nose job when I am 18 but my nose is not normal I don’t know how to describe it because it’s really weird it’s flat from the top and fat from the sides. My parents and everyone in my family has a normal nose except from me and my sister her nose is also like mine but I have never seen ANYONE with a nose like ours so I really want to know why its like that. I have never had breathing difficulties or any other problems with my nose but it looks weird. Please help me.

A: Absolutely, but try to wait until you are 16.

Your nose is that way because of genetics, and your concerns are very common among the patients we see desiring a rhinoplasty. You are a great candidate for a rhinoplasty but I would urge you to wait until you are at least 16 as you many still be growing. In the mean time, you can set up a consultation with a physician who can do 3D imaging to show you what it will look like after surgery.

Any Suggestions for Rhinoplasty Revision Specialist in NY or Los Angeles?

I am looking for top revision specialist in NY or Los Angeles. I heard a lot about Dr. Sam Rizk in NY and Andrew Frankel in LA. Any thoughts? I want to get this right this time. I want this to be my last surgery.

A: Come for a consultation in Beverly Hills

I would urge you to come for a consultation in Beverly Hills. I do revision rhinoplasties almost every week and am very experienced – have even written 2 rhinoplasty textbooks to teach other physicians my techniques. Please see my website for more information about my credentials.

Is Moisturizer with Salicylic Acid Safe to Use One Month After Rhinoplasty?

I had Septorhinoplasty almost 5.5 weeks ago. After 4 weeks, I started using a moisturizer (called Garnier Long-lasting shine control). I applied too much I think tonight–there was a slight burning sensation on the bridge of my nose. I looked up the ingredients online–turns out there is a small amount of salicylic acid in it (NOT advertised on the box/container). Could this change the result, say by widening my narrowed bridge or causing the hump to return? Is it safe to use? Should I switch?

A: Your moisturizer should be fine

It should be fine to use your moisturizer with salicylic acid. However, if you are looking for something new you might consult with a dermatologist.

If I Volunteered at a Practice Do You Think a Surgeon Would Give Me a Free Procedure?

I really want a nose job but neither me or my parents can afford it with the high cost of my college tuition. Do you think if I volunteered at a practice for 100 hours they would agree to do the procedure for free and if so how should I go about asking? Please be honest, I don’t want to make a fool out of myself or anything.

A: This will be difficult to find, but make a consultation with the best doctor in your area

It will be difficult for you to find a physician willing to do this. However, i would suggest making a consultation with the best-qualified surgeon in your area. Sometimes at my office, I look for patients to be part of a video testimonial or a TV segment, in which case I offer a steep discount.

If you find someone under qualified to do the surgery for free as you are suggesting, chances are you will have problems and need a revision surgery after a few years anyway.

Nose is Too Short After Rhinoplasty, 1 Week Post-Op

It’s been almost a week after my rhinoplasty. At this time I feel like my nose is too short and pushed up. I know that could be caused by swelling, but how will I know for sure? I am very unhappy with how I look because of this. Please help!

A: Be patient, you are still healing

You need to be patient as you are still healing. It will take months to see the final result of your surgery.

Weird Smell In My Nose 6 Weeks Post-Op, Could This Be Infection?

Hi I’m about 6 weeks post op from a rhinoplasty. When I go to clean my nose I can smell this weird scent in my nose. It’s like imp smelling my own nose. Could this scent in my nose be an infection?

A: Possibly, go back to see your surgeon ASAP

This could be a sign of many things and you need to follow up with your surgeon ASAP for evaluation.

How Long Do I Have to Wait After Rhinoplasty to Go Tanning?

I need to go tanning and I have to know how long I have to wait..Asap!!

A: Do a spray tan

I am never an advocate of tanning, and would urge you to try a self-tan or spray tan. However, if this is not possible wait at least until you are done healing, a few months.

Was an Ear Cartilage Graft Necessary in This Rhinoplasty Scenario?

I suffered an injury to my nose, which pushed the cartilage to the side; my nose had a twisted appearance as a result. I had a rhinoplasty to help improve the appearance, i.e., to redistribute cartilage to the other side to achieve balance. To do this my surgeon took ear cartilage to the left side. Was this necessary to rebuild the nose? Couldn’t the excess cartilage from the right have been taken to use instead? Or, is it impossible to use certain cartilage once it has been injured?

A: Very reasonable to use ear cartilage

It is very reasonable to use ear cartilage for your needs. Be sure to discuss your concerns with your surgeon.

3 months post op, still congested and asymmetry, is it normal?

My right nostril is stuffed up most of the time (the right one has more discharge, gets cleaned easily and feels great). Also, the right side of my nose looks larger (I blame the swelling for that) and I occasionally get little spots of blood on the q-tip. The nose is very tender still. I have bumped it lots of times since surgery…it doesn’t hurt but feels weird if I make facial expressions and I still can’t clean the skin properly.

A: Yes, that is normal

Yes it is normal as you are only 3 months post-surgery. Be patient and be sure to discuss your concerns with your surgeon.

My Surgeon Cut the Depressor Septi Muscle to Stop my Nose Drooping when I Smile but There’s Little Improvement. What Can I Do?

Hi, My nose tip droops when I smile and the bridge becomes more curved like a ‘roman nose’. The surgeon only cut the depressor septi muscle and interestingly the bridge of my nose is straighter when I am not smiling, however there is little improvement in the drooping of the tip when I am smiling. Is it possible the surgeon cut the wrong muscle? Is there anything I can do? Thank you so much in advance

A: You likely need tip reconstruction with structural support to prevent the dropping

You likely need tip reconstruction with structural support to prevent the dropping. I would suggest going back to your surgeon to discuss or getting a 2nd opinion

How Does Septal/Rib Cartilage Feel Post-op?

If rib cartilage is used on the bridge and septal cartilage is used on the tip, would the tip be stiff or would it be somewhat mobile as apposed to rib in the tip?

A: Depends on level of structural support. Most of the time, if extensive structural grafts are used, your tip will feel stiff.

Depends on level of structural support. Most of the time, if extensive structural grafts are used, your tip will feel stiff.

Why Is There Fluid Retention in Nose 6 Months Post Rhinoplasty?

I had open Rhinoplasty 6 months ago for raising tip. At first weeks my nose always swelled when I wake up in the morning. At the 4 month this problem has decreased a lot and swelling has also gone. Last week my nose started to swell significantly when I wake up in the morning. And this time it stays the same for days. It doesn’t improve like before. I am visiting my surgeon after a week, but I am really worried. What is going on??

A: Although there may still be swelling it should not be getting worse, see your surgeon

Although at 6 months there may still be swelling, it should not be getting worse as you mention. Go back to see your surgeon again or get a 2nd opinion.

Can Different Sized Nostrils Be Changed?

Can Different Sized Nostrils Be Changed?

A: Yes, nostril symmetry can be improved in rhinoplasty

Yes, nostril symmetry can be improved during a rhinoplasty procedure. See before/after photos on my website looking straight up into the nose for examples.

Will A Bethametasone Injection For A Cold Interfered With Rhino Results?

Hello, I had a rhinoplasty almost 3 weeks ago, my ears have been clogged for a couple days and I have a swollen throat so my doctor prescribed me with a bethametasome intramuscular injection. Will this interfere with my rhinoplasty result?

A: No

No, a bethametasone injection will not interfere with your rhinoplasty results, do not worry. Good luck.

Stitch Stuck 5-6 Weeks After Rhinoplasty. How Do I Remove It?

All healed nicely, accept a few days ago I felt something rough under my nostril, after further investigation I discovered its the end of a non dissolvable stitch! I tried tugging on it with tweezers but it feels like its attached firm to the top of my lip on the inside. How would I get it out? Returning to the surgeon is not an option.

A: If you cannot go back to your surgeon, find a new one

You need to find a new surgeon to follow your results as well as help now to get the stick removed. Good luck.

Normal to Still Have Stitch 1 Month Post- Op?

Hi I had a rhinoplasty 5 weeks ago and I’ve noticed that on the corner of my nostril there’s a black stitch there. Is that normal to still have a stitch in your nose 5 weeks post op?

A: Not very unusual

Probably a small stitch that still needs to be removed. This happens commonly as sometimes the scabs in the incision line can make the black stitches difficult to see. Just go ahead and see your plastic surgeon and he/she will take care of it. It will have no impact in the outcome of your surgery.

I’ve Been Touching Nose After Rhinoplasty, Will I Damage My Results?

I’ve been touching my nose A LOT after rhinoplasty and accidently hit my nose twice. After reading how bad touching it is after rhinoplasty I am TERRIFIED that I have caused some damage to my new nose. Right now my nose still looks perfect. I have thick skin and have not noticed any changes. And I hate myself for possibly ruining my new nose. I am 2 weeks post op and 1 week has passed since the cast was removed. Do you think I have ruined my nose??

A: Everything should be fine, talk to your surgeon

Everything should be fine, but please talk to your surgeon to ensure in person. Good luck with your outcome!

Can Smiling & Laughing Affect The Final Results of a Columellar Strut?

Can smiling, laughing, and yawning after the placement of a columellar strut affect final results? Thank you

A: No, should be fine

No, laughing and smiling should be fine post surgery and will not affect the outcome. Follow up with your surgeon.

Rhinoplasty with 65 Years Old Surgeon?

My friend advice me good, experience, board certificated surgeon in my area, I am just not sure because he is 64 years old- is it plus (experience) or minus?

A: Age is not important, expertise is key

The age of the surgeon is not important, just be sure that they have expertise and this type of surgery.

Ball inside my nostril?

I am two months post op my second rhinoplasty. I Am doing well and healing fine but I have what seems like a little ball on the inside of one nostril that can be seen if you look hard enough. I had open rhinoplasty this time around. I think it’s scar tissue but I also think it is too early to shoot it with a steroid if it is scar tissue. What can I due to reduce this ball? I have been putting on kelo-cote gel but don’t see much of a difference.

A: Wait it out

It’s possible that this ball you speak of may resolve itself with time. I’d suggest waiting it out for a while longer to see if it decreases in size. If not, a follow up visit with your plastic surgeon is a great idea.

Can a child’s broken nose be repaired before puberty if it was set badly?

My preschool-age daughter fell and hit her nose eight months ago. We took her to several doctors, who thought it would (and then had) heal fine. But as she has grown, it is looking to us like there is something wrong. Is there anything that can be done at this point, before she is a teenager? I am bringing her back to an ENT, but would love more info.

A: If the disfiguration is severe, there are possibly some options that could ensure proper healing

Most likely it is better to wait until she is a teenager to see how the damage heals naturally on its own. You would want to monitor the progress when she is 14-16 years old.

Should I get rhinoplasty first or a jaw reduction?

I’m planning to get a nose job and a jaw reduction, but since these surgeries will be done by what will suit my face the best, I want to know which one I should get done first so the results will come out the way I want.

A: You may want to get your jaw reduction surgery first, but this case really depends on your surgeon’s preference after he or she has examined your needs and specific features during your consultation.

Can the thickness of my nose be fixed with rhinoplasty?

Q: Can the thickness of my nose be fixed with rhinoplasty?

A: Altering the thickness of the nose with rhinoplasty is very difficult to do. If that is your primary reason for getting rhinoplasty, make sure you see an experienced rhinoplasty expert who can give you different options and realistic outcomes based on a cosmetic procedure that best suits your face.

I Have a Wide, Flat Nose: Can It be Changed?

A: A wide, flat nosed can be addressed with a custom rhinoplasty procedure. I would suggest visiting an experienced facial plastic surgeon in your area. In some cases, cartilage grafting may be necessary. It is important to request before/after photos from surgeons you visit to ensure the results you are seeking can be accomplished.

Can a nose collapse if too much columella is removed?

A: Yes, that is why structural support is such an important part of a rhinoplasty surgery. Since the post-operation healing process can take up to two years, it’s difficult to say what the final product will look but you should monitor your progress and consult with a rhinoplasty expert if you continue to have concerns.

I hit my nose last night and it hurt, is it possible I damaged my Rhinoplasty after 3 years?

Hello, it’s been 3 years since I had my rhinoplasty. Last night I hit my nose pretty hard and it hurt a lot. Now its morning it kind of aches, though I don’t see any blood or any “I-can’t-handle pain.” I wonder if it is possible to damage my nose after 3 years. Thank you very much.

A: In order to assess the damage done to your nose, you should go to emergency room or visit your ENT. You need a doctor to examine the injury in person to make sure you don’t need any immediate care.

Am I good candidate for rhinoplasty/septoplasty?

I would like a straight, proportionate nose that still looks like me. I’m 30 and my nose seems to be becoming more and more prominent. As a child, I was clumsy and often got bumped in the face, so it’s possible it was broken and then healed crooked. I suffer from allergic rhinitis, but my ENT said my septum is only slightly deviated (though it looks much worse from the outside), and I do not suffer from any major breathing problems. I would never want to sacrifice the function I do have for an aesthetic ideal. Not interested in chin implant, just a new nose.

A: Structural rhinoplasty should preserve your breathing function; a perfectly straight nose is impossible for any surgeon to achieve (or even naturally). However, your goals of getting a more straight nose while preserving breathing function are excellent.

What changes to my nose should I recommend to my surgeon?

I’m looking to get a rhinoplasty but I’m not quite sure what I need to ask for. I know I have a tension nose that flares and droops when I smile. I would be so grateful for your opinion!

A: Rhinoplasty should be able to address the issues that you would like to change. Make sure you see a rhinoplasty expert who pays special attention to structural support. You want to make sure the structural support of your nose is maintained during surgery as your nasal tip is altered.

Bump formed on nose after Frisbee accident. Can anything be done about bump?

In the 5th grade I was hit in the nose with a frisbee. I iced it and it felt as if it was broken. There was no blood. What resulted from this accident was a bump on the nose. I never had a bump on the nose before but as I am now in college it is far more noticeable and i feel as if any little hit in the nose can make it worse. Bump is more noticeable in the side view rather than in the front. I am from Nj and considering the non surgical procedure but fearing that after it wears out the problem area will only be worse. Also if anything can be done about the bump.

A: Surgical management via rhinoplasty is my preference as it is permanent, especially given your young age. In addition, depending on the type of bump you have, filling it may cause the aesthetics to not match the rest of the nose.

Is revision rhinoplasty my only option to remove cartilage at the tip of my nose?

I had a rhinoplasty at 18 for cosmetic reasons. I was always happy with my results, until recently, which is now 8 years later, that I noticed what appears to be a piece of cartilage at the tip of my nose. It seems to only be getting bigger and more sensitive. The tip of my nose since surgery has never softened, but the spot where the possible cartilage is, is even harder. I’m nervous that a surgeon will suggest surgery, but am afraid it could be my only option.

A: It sounds like you have “bossae” formation, which is very common after first time rhinoplasty—especially in thin-skinned individuals or those who have had excessive cartilage removed. Revision rhinoplasty is the best treatment, but I recommend you see an expert who specializes in revision surgery. Also, discuss the use of temporalis fascia during the surgery to soften the region.

What procedures, if any, can be done to help my nose? 10 years ago, I had surgery on my sinuses.

Since I had a deformed tip from an accident, my ENT dr offered to fix that while he was in there. The tip was improved somewhat, but the surgery left me with an extra problem. I have, what I am guessing is, scar tissue in my right nostril. It sticks out when I laugh, yawn, etc. For 10 years I have tried to hide it, but it has done damage to my self esteem. Is there anything else that can be done?

A: Sinus surgery should not cause any issues with your tip unless the Doctor performed septorhinoplasty at the same time. If so, please see a revision rhinoplasty expert.

Will there be any deformation in my nose if it was hit by a hard ball 3 weeks after surgery?

I was hit by a ball today at the tip of my nose and it caused a lot of pain and started bleeding for a minute or however before the ball hit the tip of my nose i was unable to move the tip of it and it was hard. But after it hit i was able to move it side to side very slightly. There were no deformities in the appearance after it hit it but I’m scared i that i may have caused severe damage because of the fact that i am able to move the tip. I am very worried and would appreciate if you reply asap.

A: If your nose does still appear straight, then the injury likely won’t impact the outcome of the rhinoplasty. Please see your surgeon so that he or she may address any concerns that you have.

Is it possible for me to get a bone put in my nose via Rhinoplasty?

I have a really flexible nose; it has no bone. I dont like the appearance of it and i always wondered can i make it smaller and have a bone put in it. Also, the cost.

A: Structural support can be obtained using your own cartilage. Bone grafts are rarely needed to achieve the type of look you describe. Make sure you see a rhinoplasty expert who can tailor the procedure to your individual face.

My skin have high tendency to form keloids, what are the chances of developing keloids after Rhinoplasty?

I will be doing a surgery to correct my septum and my adenoids will be cut. is the chance of having a scar or keloid inside my nose after surgery?

A: It’s unlikely that you’ll form keloids as a result of the surgery, especially if the incisions are done internally. You may want to ask your surgeon to further address your concerns.

Headaches after Rhinoplasty?

I had rhinoplasty four days ago. I had a good amount of bone removed and broken I have swelling between my eyebrows and I’m having headaches there like i have to put my head down and my eyes feel strained. Is this normal? How long will it take to go away?

A: You should discuss your concerns with your surgeon since he or she performed your specific rhinoplasty surgery and can examine your case the most accurately.

I’m satisfied with everything but the nostril or tip area of my nose. What kind of RhinoPlasty would you suggest for me?

A: Tip rhinoplasty can address your issues. However, the overall appearance of the nose depends on the harmony between the tip and nostrils, as well as the tip and bridge of the nose. We always also take into account the proportions of the nose as it relates to the forehead, eyebrows, cheeks, and chin.

Missing almost half of my columella from rhinoplasty and a lot of scar tissue in right side of nose that is painful.

Had surgery 3 years ago and I developed a step-off scar. Also it appears that my nose is slightly pulled to the left side. Also there is extremely a lot of scar tissue on the right side of the nostril and the nostril protrudes out slightly. The texture of my nose on the left side is fine. I’m missing slightly less than half of my columella on the right side and it’s painful if I wipe my nose on that side. Is it away to fix/rebuild my missing columella I’ve listed above.

A: Yes, but you should get evaluated by an expert rhinoplasty surgeon who can better determine your potential options.

Can I get fat removed from my nose?

I want a narrower nose … but I’m happy with my profile. Nothing to cut cartilage-wise I think. If the fat is simply removed, s there the possibility that it will accumulate back over years?

A: No, you won’t be able remove fat from your nose, but there are a number of other results you can achieve with rhinoplasty that create facial harmony.

Is tape needed after rhinoplasty, and how long should I wear it for?

I’m visiting my doctor on Monday to take my splint off. By then, it would be two weeks with it on. However, he’s telling me that I must wear tape on for another month. Is it really needed? The tape is causing my nose to turn red and is now itchy! I’m afraid if I keep tape on for another month, my nose will just be more itchy and irritated.

A: It really depends on the doctor and issue at hand. Less than 1 percent of my patients will require additional taping beyond one week after surgery.

Can cosmetic surgery help with narrowing of nose tip?

I had a previous surgery (septoplasty) to help with my breathing. However, it left my nose swollen and wider-looking than before. Can cosmetic surgery help with narrowing of the nose, particularly around the the tip of my nose and about halfway up? I’m not sure why my nose appears wider after the septoplasty and what’s causing it. It could be scar tissue, excess cartillage….im not sure. I had the surgery several years ago.

A: Yes! Cosmetic surgery can help make your nose more narrow. This is one of the most common reasons individuals seek rhinoplasty.

Tiny lump on the tip of my nose after rhino/septoplasty – Is my nose still swollen? Or is this the final result?

I’m 5 months rhino and septoplasty post op. The tip of my nose is a little bulbous, could this be swelling? Or is this the final result. Also about a month ago, I noticed a little, pea sized lump on the right tip of my nose. What could this be? Is it going to go away? Or should I be concerned? Please help, My Surgery was done overseas, so unfortunately I can’t visit/consult with my doctor.

A: After rhinoplasty surgery, it usually takes 1-2 years for the healing process to be completed. The final result will not appear before the nose has completely healed.