FAQ: Juvederm


Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgeon Dr. Babak Azizzadeh frequently answers questions from patients on realself.com. They are separated into categories below. If you do not find an answer to your question here, please contact us or call us at 310-657-2203.


Q: I’d like bigger lips. How do I go about getting a good lip augmentation? I don’t want to end up with duck lips!

A: The most important first step you can take to ensuring a good lip augmentation is to visit an expert. It is important to do research to make sure your doctor or expert nurse injector has had specialized training and experience in lip augmentation. Juvederm is often a great non-surgical option for lip enhancement, but no more than one syringe should be used.

Q: Will Juvederm help with a depressed forehead wrinkle?

A: Juvederm and a combination of Botox may be the most effective. It’s a good idea to visit a facial plastic surgeon to get examined in person.

Q: What is the best treatment for whole eye contour?

A: Non-invasive fillers like Juvederm, Restylane, or Belotero under the eyes along with ZO hydrafirm is an excellent combination.

Q: How often do you have your lips filled?

I have had my lips done before and it lasted about two months. Since I found a new injector it seems to be only lasting 40 days. I have almost a whole syringe of Juvederm Ultra put in both my lips. She doesn’t use the whole syringe but leaves just enough for a touch up on two weeks, which I always need. I also get a few units of Botox around the mouth at the same time just to try and help the mouth area last longer. Has anyone else gone through product like this? I am starting to think I am not getting a whole syringe or it’s outdated product. What is the average for others?

A: Lip injections

This can happen even in the hands of experienced injectors. However if in doubt try someone new to see if you are able to get better results from the lip injections.

Q: Juvederm yearly?

After a Juvederm treatment, how long can I go before I need a touch up? Will I need a touch up annually?

A: Juvederm touch-up treatments

The visible results of Juvederm vary slightly from patient to patient. Initially you will need to get treatments more often (about every 6-9 months), but after you have been having the Juvederm injections for a while the results may last longer (up to a year). It is a good idea to have your Juvederm touched up before it completely dissolves.

Q: If you got lipo, could you inject some of your fat into your lips?

A: Lip injections

Fat grafting to the lips is not a very predictable treatment and, therefore, I prefer using Juvederm injections for the lips. Juvederm seems to be the best product for lip augmentation as it gives the most natural looking results.

Q: Juvederm along brow ridge

I am considering having Juvederm injected along my brow ridge and between my brows in order enhance my brow ridge and to pull and tighten up the sagging skin in the interior (adjacent to the nose) part of my upper lids. Anyone have any experience doing this?

A: Non-surgical browlift options

I prefer using Restylane in the brow region to add volume and lift the area. You could also look into Botox or Dysport injections to help elevate your brows. This is a great non-surgical option. Be sure to see an experienced facial plastic surgeon or dermatologist for these injections to reduce the risk of any complications. Additionally, Ulthera is a new non-surgical way to achieve a subtle brow lift. Ulthera uses intensive ultrasound waves to tighten the skin, and works well around the brow area.

Q: Under eye filler

Has anyone had under eye filler to fill up under eye hollowness (get rid of the tired look)? What fillers are best for the under eye area?

A: Restylane is best for under eyes

Restylane is the best filler for the under eye area. It is very important that you go to an expert injector of Restylane injections under the eyes because it is a very delicate area. An expert injector will have experience in the area, which significantly reduces the risk of side effects.

Q: Natural looking filler for thin skin?

Which filler would you say looks the most natural for thin skin, specifically on the nasolabial folds?

A: Fillers for thin skin

Any filler could potentially work. But whatever filler is used should be injected into the deep tissue to give you the best, most natural looking results.

Q: Should I Have the Juvederm Injection Before I Have the Laser Treatment for Red and Brown Spots?
A: Same time is fine
You can have Juvederm before, after, or at the same time as a laser treatment. It does not affect the results.

Q: Breakouts on Chin After Juvederm
I had a facelift by a reputable plastic surgeion 6 weeks ago, along with 1 syringe of Juvederm in my lips. However, for the past 3 weeks, my chin has been breaking out a LOT. Could I be allergic to the Juvederm and it’s trying to work its way out of my face under my lips? Only my chin is breaking out, nowhere else. The face-lift and liposuction from my stomach for cheek injection are fine.
A: Probably not from Juvederm
Your acne is probably not from the Juvederm , especially since it is 6 weeks after the injection. Go back to see your dermatologist to get prescribed an acne medication, which should help clear your chin up.

Q: Will Juvederm Lip Enhancement Create Lines Around Mouth?
Is There a Risk of Creating Lines Around the Mouth After a Lip Enhancement with Juvederm Once the ‘Fuller’ Effect Wears Off? I’m 49; no lines around the mouth yet but fairly ‘loose’ skin
A: No, once it wears off you will go back to baseline
Once the Juvederm wears off you will return to the way you were before the treatment. It will not ‘create’ new wrinkles as you suggest. If anything.

Q: How to Discuss Unfavorable Outcome with Surgeon After Lower Lid Injections?
A friend had Juvederm to the lower lids for under eye hollows & was performed by a Board cert. plastic surgeon. She said the Dr. only injected the tear trough area, (closest to the nose) not the entire lower lid, as she had clearly requested.
The tear trough area looks much better, but the outer lids are still hollow, which is much more noticeable now, compared to the area that was treated.
How should she approach the Dr. to discuss having the procedure done to her satisfaction?
A: Schedule a follow up appointment and tell him the truth
He will most likely inject more, and may or may not give a reduced rate for a touch up, every doctor handles this differently. But it is best to go back to the original doctor and discuss your feelings, they want you to be satisfied as well.

Q: Compared to other fillers, what are the pros and cons of Juvederm?
Which is the fastest when it comes to seeing results of Juvederm and other comparable fillers?
A: Depends on area you want treated
Juvederm is one brand of hyaluronic acid dermal filler. It really depends on which area you want treated to which brand is the best choice. Other options would be Restylane, Sculptra, Radiesse, Perlane and more.

Q: How Long Should Swelling Last After Juvederm Injections to Tear Trough Area?
A: A few days to a few weeks
Swelling should go down after a few days to a few weeks. There are supplements you can take to help increase the healing time, discuss with your doctor.

Q: Bottle of Latisse Says to Store at 36-77 Degrees – Should I Store It in the Fridge?
A: No, room temperature is best
You can store Latisse at room temperature. Most people keep it in their bathroom so it is easy to remember to apply it everyday.

Q: Need Help With A Revision Neck Lift, Looking For LA Surgeon.
I had a face/necklift in August 2010. A month after it looked like too much fat removed and muscle was prominent. 6 months later surgeon did vy plasty said too much skin still. Looked great for one month and same thing happened. I have been to 3 other surgeons, and all say this is tricky. Not enough fat left and muscle is prominent and skin is adhering. I am so depressed as the neck was the thing I went in for in the first place. Please help me with a facial doctor that is sincere in Los Angeles area.
A: I can help – in Beverly Hills
I have vast experience with revision neck lift surgery and would be more than happy to evaluate you. Please contact my office to schedule a consultation.

Q: 75 Yr Old Male in Good Health. Am I Too Old for a Neck Lift?
A: You are NOT too old for a necklift
You are definitely not too old for a necklift, I have actually treated many men in your age group who are extremely satisfied with their results. It is never too late to improve your appearance and self-esteem.

Q: Facelift, Necklift Options
I am 8 months post-op and have No improvement, in fact I am worse then pre-op. I never had any neck bands and how have many. My jaw line in droopy and the fat pad I wanted remover is still there! My PS states I signed a Medical Release and it did no guarantee a good result. She recommended a PS who does face/necks only and another PS who does eyes only. She stated it would be at my expense since she does not refund or contribute to a revision. Cost, $20,000 Please help!
A: Go get a second opinion
I would suggest you go get a 2nd opinion to see if something was done wrong, or if there were just unrealistic expectations. Perhaps you should consider Ulthera or neck liposculpture if that is the only area you are concerned with.

Q: Crepey, Saggy Neck at 39, What Are My Options?
I am 39 years old, generally slim and youthful in appearance. I am 5’5 and 124 pounds, and have two children. I gained and lost about 50 pounds in each pregnancy. My neck skin is extremely wrinkly, crepey, and saggy. My face and body look 35, but my neck looks like it belongs to a 55-year old. I KNOW I have some sun damage there from some severe burns I got in my teens. I am also wondering if the weight gains and losses of pregnancy contributed to the sagging. What can I do?
A: Necklift or Ulthera Ultrasound Skin Tightening
A necklift or Ulthera ultrasound skin tightening would help your neck. A neckift is much more invasive but the results are more dramatic. Ulthera is an easy outpatient procedure with no downtime.

Q: I Am Having Orthognathic Surgery, What is the Cost of Neck Lipo with Other Procedure?
If I am already sedated, would the cost be less?
A: I usually give a discount for combining procedures
I usually give a discount if someone wants multiple procedures done during the same surgery, however everyone is different so you should ask your plastic surgeon.

Q: Traveling for a Face/Neck Lift and Full Recovery?
I live in central Canada but am willing to travel to the States for the procedure and recovery. Is this feasible? If so, how are pre-op consults done?
A: Absolutely possible, about 50% of my patients are from out of town
It is absolutely possible, about 50% of my patients come from out of town. Normally we do a phone/video consult first. We have arrangements at a local facility for you to stay during recovery. Please call my office for more information.

Q: Is There a Non Surgical Option for the Beginnings of a Turkey Neck?
I have read that surgery is necessary to achieve a neck lift, but I am 29 years old & have just noticed that my neck has begun to sag. I thought losing the few extra pounds I put on over the last year might fix it, but at 115 lbs, I still have the dreaded gobbler.
A: Yes, Ultherapy, liposculpture and fillers may work
Yes ultherapy, liposculpture and/or fillers may work. You also should look to see if a chin implant may be helpful.

Q: Is There a Surgery to Alter Sound of Your Voice?
Recently read about a woman who thought her voice aged her, regardless of all the other ways she managed to look young.
She claims that in the US there is a fat injection procedure to alter the vocal chords, but I can’t find any information here about it. Is this a real procedure, and how many doctors can do it? To see if a chin implant may be helpful.
A: Yes there is, contact Dr. Larian in Beverly Hills
Yes there is, I would contact Dr. Larian in Beverly Hills for a consultation and more information. good luck!

Q: What Are The Risks To Revison Necklift?
I had facelift/necklift 1 year ago. I had vy plasty to remove some excess skin under chin 7 months ago. My dr. wants to now do a revision of the neck. There is residual skin under my chin, appears to be scar tissue from the vy plasty as well. What are the risks of necklift revision? My dr. says he may need to fold the plastyma muscle under the chin inward and make a backcut in this muscle. Is there nerve damage risk in this type of surgery? Does backcutting cause problems? Dr. is ASPS.
A: About the same as a primary necklift
The overall risks of revision facelift and neck lift should not be any higher than the primary face and neck lift if surgeon is competent. Risk of nerve injury should be comparable to primary surgery.

Q: Neck Creases/rolls
I am not overweight and only in my mid 20’s. Ever since I was little I’ve had these neck rolls. What can I do to get rid of them!
A: There are options, Ultherapy, chin implant, liquid facelift
There are options, Ultherapy, chin implant, liquid facelift. It would be easier if you could provide a photo, please feel free to send to me through my website.

Q: Is a Necklift Revison the Best Course of Action Here?
I had a face/necklift one year ago. Then I had a vy plasty done under the chin 7 months ago. This is the result I still have. My doctor wants to do a re-do of the necklift. That means a third surgery. I am really afraid at this point to do more surgery. My surgeon is highly respected and the best in his field. What to do?
A: Yes, but there are other techniques
Yes, but there are other techniques such as Ultherapy and a liquid facelift. If you would like a 2nd opinion please feel free to contact my office.

Q: What Procedure Would Be Appropriate for my Neck?
I’m pretty young (19) but I’ve been noticing more recently that my neck appears rather fleshy, like the neck line droops down too close to my chin. I’m pretty fit, so I think it’s genetics – but I’m not sure if that’s fat in my neck. I assume part of it is because I have a small chin, but I don’t think I want to consider a chin implant as that seems more risky. Is there any possible neck liposuction or neck lift I could do? The former would seem more ideal for my age but I’ve no idea.
A: Liposculpture, Ulthera, chin implant or dermal fillers may be an option
Liposcupture to the neck, ulthera, chin implant or dermal fillers may be an option for you due to your age. Liposculpture and dermal fillers are much less invasive than a chin implant if that is your concern. Feel free to contact me for a consultation.

Q: How Long Does Neck Lift Swelling Last?
I’m 6 weeks into my healing and I’m still very swollen under my jaw. When I came home from the procedure I was swollen like a watermelon it was enormous. The swelling is about half the size it was but I’m concerned because it seems to have slowed down and staying the same size since about a week 1/2. I still can’t go out in public because the swelling is so noticeable. I’m worried that something might be wrong and I don’t see my doctor till next week. What can I do to help with the swelling until I see him again or should I ask to see him early?
A: Contact your surgeon and schedule a follow up ASAP
I would contact your surgeon and schedule a follow up consultation asap to ensure there are no problems.

Q: Low Cost Options for Turkey Neck
I Do Not Have a lot of $ and I Want to Do Something with my Turkey Neck, Perhaps Lipo?
A: There are other options, liposculpture or Ulthera
There are other options including liposculpture or Ulthera, but I would hesitant going with any ‘discount procedures’ as you usually get what you pay for and this is your face.

Q: Do I Need a Neck Lift?
My neck has always been a problem for me. My weight is constantly fluctuating (which I don’t mind) but my neck makes me never want to take pictures because I feel like I’m missing my neck and instead I just have skin from the chin to the bottom of my neck. I’m considering cosmetic surgery but am unsure what exact procedure I will need. I’d appreciate any advice.
A: Perhaps liposculpture or Ulthera
Liposculpture or Ulthera may work. Also i would want to see you in person to consider a chin implant or dermal fillers in enhance your jaw line as well. please feel free to contact my office if you are interested in a consultation.

Q: I Had a Neck Lift About 7 Months Ago. Is It Possible to Have Ultherapy Now or Later?
I had a neck lift 7 months ago and I still can feel the numbness by my ear. Is it possible to have ultherapy now or should I wait.
A: Absolutely. Ultherapy would be ideal after surgery for remaining loose skin.
Absolutely. Ultherapy would be ideal after surgery to help improve any loose skin remaining. Good luck!

Q: Will my Chin Look More Defined if I Combine Chin Liposuction with a Neck Lift?
How common is it for patients to have both a neck lift and chin liposuction done?
A: Very common to combine liposuction with a neck lift
very commonly done together…chin augmentation may help define the chin as well in some instances if a patient has a recessed chin.

Q: Asymmetry After Necklift
I had a bleed underneath my jawline after necklift surgery. This caused my tissues underneath my skin to thicken. My left jawline is bigger then my right jawline. It is very, very noticeable. Is there anything that can correct asymmetry due to scar tissue build up?
A: likely will require revisonal surgery…I would wait at least 6 months before proceeding.
It likely will require revisonal surgery…I would wait at least 6 months before proceeding. Make sure to follow up with your surgeon.

Q: Can I Have a Necklift After Disappointing Results w/ Lifestyle Lift and Lower Facelift?
I Had a LSL Done 4 Years Ago. It Turned out Awful. I Sought Additional Help. And had to do another lower facelift procedure to fix the LSL scars, etc. Less then 3 years later I have the loose skin reappearing in my neck area. I spent over $20,000. I asked the surgeon who “fixed” the LSL procedure if I was a good candidate for the under the chin incision, neck muscle procedure. He said no. But now I think that was the way to go here. I am only 46 and I did not need a facelift. I only wanted my neck tightened. Can I have that done soon? How long should one wait?
A: Yes, revisional surgery is the answer
Yes, revisional surgery is the answer. Unfortunately I see many patients in your situation. You need to wait 12 months after surgery to do a revision, so you are OK on timing.

Q: I Had a Facelift, Neck Lift, Upper and Lower Lids Done, a Nose Tipplasty and Juvederm and I Still Look the Same!
I had all this plastic surgery on my face and after a month its all back. I have a hollow under my eyes which looked great after the surgery because I was swollen. But now everything is coming back. My jowls are hanging and my neck. One eye is small and the other is big. My nose looks bigger than before the surgery and it started after one month! I spent a fortune on this and I don’t know what to do. My doctor said he could do lipo on my jowls and neck but that doesn’t seem right. I’m so upset.
A: Get a 2nd opinion
I would suggest getting a 2nd opinion from another surgery. However, I would also suggest to wait at least another month as you are still healing.

Q: What’s the Best Solution for my Neck?
I plan on having a chin augmentation done in conjunction with a neck lift. I have gone to 4 different plastic surgeons for consuls and each gave a different diagnosis for how to address the neck lift. Their recommendations ranged from just using liposuction to using liposuction in conjunction with removing excess skin and altering neck muscles. How should I go about determining which physician’s recommendation is the best way to go for my situation?
A: Go with the surgeon with the most experience and who you feel the most comfortable with
I would suggest to go to the surgeon who has the most experience in this area. You should also choose based on who you feel the most comfortable with.
Without photos, it is hard to give my recommendation on what combination of treatments is appropriate. If you would like to send pictures, please contact me.

Q: Are Drainage Tubes Used for Neck Lift and/or Face Lift?
I need a revision to my neck lift. Some doctors are saying the use of drainage tubes is obsolete. My original surgeon used them and I was left with a lot of scar tissue where the tubes were. He said it was a fibrotic reaction. A friend had a face-lift without the tubes and had a great amount of swelling from built up fluid that caused problems with healing. I am confused. If my original surgeon does the revision he will use them again. Is there anything I can do to prevent the fibrotic reaction?
A: Both options are still utilized and should be customized
Both options are still utilized and need to be customized to the type of face and neck lift.
Tisseel glue is an excellent option if you had a fibrotic reaction with tubes.
Tisseel “locks” the skin to the underlying tissue and allows the surgeon to avoid putting a drain.

Q: If You Are on Blood Thinner Can You Get Lift?
I had valve replacement and am on warafin blood thinner. Can I get neck lift?
A: Not recommended, discuss with your cardiologist first
I would not recommend a face and neck lift if you are on blood thinners such as coumadin or warfarin. There are instances that under appropriate cardiology care, one can come Of these thinners and have plastic surgery. I would discuss with your cardiologist first.

Q: 2 Months Post Neck Lift: Experiencing Hair Loss and Uneven Results
I’m a 31 yo male, and I had a neck lift (platysmaplasty + lipo) 2 months ago. However, about 85% of the affected area is still numb and the right side under my chin is clearly bulkier than left side. I also lost my beard in several areas under my chin and those bare spots are very noticeable.
Question #1 Will my beard grow back under my chin? Question # 2 – Can I expect any further improvement on the right side of my chin? Thank you in advance!
A: Beard will likely grow back, usually takes 6 months to heal
Most likely the beard will grow back after neck lift as the hair follicles probably got “stunned” and will need to awaken. I would be patient as the healing process after submental liposuction and plastysmaplasty often takes about 6 months. Continue to see your plastic surgeon to make sure he or she is happy with the progress.

Q: How Should I Look 2 Weeks After Lower Facelift / Neck Lift?
I had lower face and neck lift surgery 2 weeks ago. Everybody that I have spoken to who has had this surgery has had immediate results in the neck area. My neck still looks very strange and more saggy under the chin than before…is this normal? Also the edges of my face and one ear are completely numb…how long before my skin feels like it belongs to me again?
A: 2 weeks is far too early to judge results, just be patient
Two weeks is way too early to judge the results of a neck lift and facelift. Numbness is normal and irregularities are common. I would be patient and continue seeing you facial plastic surgeon regularly until the six-month mark. At that time, you should have a better idea of the outcome.