FAQ: Asian Rhinoplasty


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Q: Asian Nose Bridge Too Low, Fixing Without Implants?

Is there a way to heighten my nose bridge enough such that I’m able to wear my glasses properly without having them sit on my cheeks? I’m wondering if a rhinoplasty WITHOUT implants can fix this?

A: Absolutely.

I actually prefer using the patient’s own cartilage for augmenting the dorsum in Asian and African-American patients; it lowers the risk of infection and rejection.

Q: I Just Got a Silicone Rhinoplasty 7 Days and my Son Slap my Nose.

I’m Asian and I just got a silicone implant rhinoplasty exactly 7 days ago. While caring for my 1 year-old son, he slapped me really hard on the entire nose, it hurt and I felt it was throbbing. I ran to look in mirror and my tip was slightly red but my nose doesn’t look like it was slanted in any way. Should I be concern? Will it later on effect my result or be slanted in anyway? Will smiling effect it as well at this time? I’m afraid to do any expressions.

A: Probably OK, but just in case see your plastic surgeon

Everything is probably ok, but just in case I would recommend to go back and see your plastic surgeon so he/she can check everything.