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In the last ten years there have been major advances in facial reconstruction. Major facial reconstruction after head and neck trauma and cancer surgery is extremely complex and time-consuming. It often requires transfer of bone and tissue from other regions of the body to restore normal function and aesthetics. The transfer of these tissues require microscopic attachment of arteries, veins and nerves in order to allow completion of the reconstruction. These microsurgical procedures, also known as microvascular free flap reconstruction, require extensive training and expertise. Typically, these operations require two teams of surgeons and take between 8-12 hours.

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Facial reconstruction surgeon Dr. Azizzadeh is a member of the Cedars-Sinai Comprehensive Head and Neck Cancer Center. At Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, Dr. Azizzadeh works with several Head and Neck Surgeons in providing state of the art reconstructive surgical management for complex head and neck cancer defects and facial trauma.

Dr. Azizzadeh is also a clinical faculty at the UCLA School of Medicine and is actively involved in teaching facial plastic and microvascular reconstruction to residents and fellows. Furthermore, he has been actively engaged in clinical and basic science research in microsurgical reconstruction. He has received many honors and grants for his research endeavors. He has published numerous articles and has presented at the national and international level. While at UCLA, he collaborated with Dr. Louis Ignarro, a Nobel Laureate in Medicine, to evaluate the role of nitric oxide in microsurgical reconstructive surgery. At Harvard Medical School, he worked at Massachusetts General Hospital investigating the application of novel imaging technology (optical coherence tomography) in reconstructive procedures.

The following operations are routinely performed by Facial reconstruction surgeon Dr. Azizzadeh and the team of Head and Neck Surgeons at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center:

  • Major head and neck cancer reconstruction
  • Microvascular free flap reconstruction
    a. Radial forearm free flaps
    b. Fibula free flaps
    c. Rectus abdominus free flaps
    d. Latissimus dorsi free flaps
    e. Scapular free flaps
    f. Gracilis free flaps
  • Major maxillofacial trauma reconstruction
  • Facial paralysis reconstruction and reanimation using free tissue transfer

Facial reconstruction surgeon Dr. Azizzadeh, through his training at Harvard Medical School and UCLA, has mastered advanced microsurgical techniques and has gained an extensive surgical expertise in microvascular free flap reconstruction. Please contact Dr. Azizzadeh if you have any additional questions regarding these procedures.

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