Am I a good candidate for facial reconstruction surgery, beverly hills, los angeles?


Facial Reconstruction — Am I a Candidate?

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Occasionally, facial deformities, distortions, or severe trauma to the face requires multiple extensive surgeries. In some cases, the entire face and all the features need to undergo facial reconstruction.

You are a good candidate for facial reconstruction if you suffer from the following.

Dr. Azizzadeh specializes in facial cosmetic and reconstructive plastic surgery, and is a recognized leader in this specialty. If you need help addressing severe functional problems, with your eyes, nose, and or ears, Dr. Azizzadeh can help.

Facial reconstruction often requires the transfer of bone or other tissue from one part of the body to the treatment area. These transfers require microscopic attachment of arteries, veins, and nerves in order to allow full reconstruction. Known as free flap reconstruction, these microsurgical procedures require extensive training and expertise. Many operations require two teams of surgeons and take between 8-12 hours.


There are a number of reasons why a face may be asymmetrical or damaged and require extensive facial reconstruction.

  • Trauma – Any type of accident or injury to the face can realign bones or cause massive scarring that will benefit from a variety of cosmetic and reconstructive surgery.
  • Disease – Cancer and other conditions that need be excised or corrected through surgery often call for skin grafts or total facial reconstruction.
  • Congenital defect – Deformities in the skin or underlying bone structures can cause dysfunction or just be a cause of embarrassment. Correcting a cleft palate is a common procedure that falls into this category.


The following procedures are routinely performed by facial reconstruction surgeon Dr. Azizzadeh and the team of Head and Neck Surgeons at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center:

  • Major head and neck cancer reconstruction
  • Microvascular free flap reconstruction
  • Major maxillofacial trauma reconstruction
  • Facial paralysis reconstruction and reanimation using free tissue transfer

In cases where excessive amounts of tissue are removed, implants or injectable fillers may be used to increase volume. To aid in sculpting your face for symmetry, liposuction may be used as well. There is no set list of procedures that are included in facial reconstruction.

Facial reconstruction surgeon Dr. Azizzadeh, through his training at Harvard Medical School and UCLA, has mastered advanced microsurgical techniques and has gained extensive surgical expertise in microvascular free flap reconstruction.

When dealing with the intricacies of facial reconstruction, it is imperative to find a highly trained facial plastic surgeon. If you need facial reconstruction surgery in the Beverly Hills area, please contact Dr. Azizzadeh to schedule an initial consultation.