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Endoscopic Facelift

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Modern facelifts are different from the tight looking procedures of the past. Today’s facelift procedures can be customized and individually tailored, leaving you with results so natural looking that nobody would guess you had a facelift.

One of the primary reasons for this is the advances made in modern endoscopic facelift procedures.

The endoscope

An endoscope is a specially designed device that allows your surgeon to do precise surgical work through a tiny incision located far from the surgical site. The endoscope is essentially a tiny camera on the end of a tube that allows the surgeon to see the actual surgery site through a small incision located in a concealed area.

How the endoscope makes a better facelift

Using an endoscope for the facelift procedure improves your results in a number of different ways, including reduced scarring and improved precision.

The endoscope minimizes scarring. When your facelift is performed using an endoscope, the incisions are smaller, and can be camouflaged by natural facial features, such as the hairline or the front of the ear.

The endoscope improves precision. Because we can reach and manipulate the muscle and fat deposits throughout the face, we can sculpt the features more precisely, preserving your natural facial contours and creating a more natural looking, vibrant look.

If you have been considering improving your facial appearance with an endoscopic facelift and you live in the Los Angeles or Beverly Hills, California area, contact Dr. Azizzadeh today to schedule your initial consultation.

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