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Sculptra Dr. Babak Azizzadeh is one of the leading experts in the use of Sculptra (poly-L-lactic acid PLLA) in the country.  He is on the Physician Advisory Board and Medical Educational Faculty for Sculptra. Dr. Azizzadeh is one of a handful of master trainers for the product having trained over fifty of the leading plastic surgeons and dermatologists around the country in utilizing Sculptra in their aesthetic practice.  He is often used to train other Sculptra trainers around the country.

Dr. Azizzadeh uses Sculptra in a very unique and cutting-edge manner.  Over the past decade, we have learning that facial aging is not just sagging but rather a combination of volume loss, gravitational laxity, and skin changes.  Sculptra is a collagen stimulator whose properties allow for a natural and gradual facial rejuvenation.  Unlike other fillers, Sculptra works by stimulating the body to produce collagen that reverses the signs of aging by restoring facial volume loss.  Sculptra is used to contour and reshape hollows and depressions in the cheeks, temple, laugh lines and jaw lines (jowls, marionette).  In the past four years, Dr. Azizzadeh has injected hundreds of patients with Sculptra and has had tremendous outcomes with great patient satisfaction in men and women.

Before and After
        Pre Sculptra     Interval Sculptra     Post Sculptra  

Sculptra does not cause an immediate change but rather gradually reverses the aging process hence creating a more natural result.  Due to the collagen stimulation, the skin also improves in texture and consistency resulting in more radiance and luster!  In younger patients, Sculptra can help in preservation of natural beauty while in older patients it restores the volume loss.

Sculptra injections have minimal discomfort as the product is mixed with novacaine.  Several treatments are necessary to obtain the gradual and natural results.  Patient satisfaction with Sculptra is extremely high.  Sculptra can also be used in combination with botox, restylane, perlane, Radiesse, juvederm and evolence.  Dr. Azizzadeh has also utilized Sculptra following multi-level fat grafting to finalize the its countouring effects.

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