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Beverly Hills Cosmetic Surgery - Brentwood photoBeverly Hills Cosmetic Surgery - magazine photoBeverly Hills Cosmetic Surgery - Elle magazine photoBeverly Hills Cosmetic Surgery - Elle magazine photo
Beverly Hills Cosmetic Surgery -  magazine photoBeverly Hills Cosmetic Surgery -  news photoBeverly Hills Cosmetic Surgery -  news photoBeverly Hills Cosmetic Surgery -  news photo
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Dr Azizzadeh Los Angeles Times

Featured in the Los Angeles Times

Plastic Surgery – it’s a guy thing too


Written in Best Of Los Angeles, City of Brentwood

Best Extreme Make-Over

Dr. Babak Azizzadeh doesn’t just specialize in facial cosmetic surgery, he masters it, by using a combination of surgical and non-invasive techniques. By analyzing the face, determining the patient’s needs and creating changes that work for them rather than drastically change the face’s structure. Azizzadeh’s work is hidden in faces all over the Los Angeles area. This calm and comforting office environment erases the cold and constrictive memories that most people associate with check-ups and his staff treats everyone like an old friend…an old friend getting a new face. Located at 8760 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 200, 310.405.1426310.405.1426 or visit

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Does the doctor listen to you?

While your cosmetic surgeon’s previous work can be an excellent indicator of his or her abilities, the most important thing is the quality of work the surgeon can provide you with.

It is important to choose a cosmetic surgeon who takes the time to understand your goals and needs. Talk to your surgeon about what results you’re looking for, explain your preferences you will know when you have found the right cosmetic surgeon when you feel that they understand you 100%.

Choosing the right cosmetic surgeon for your procedure is a crucial aspect in achieving the results you want. If you are considering a face, nose, or eye procedure, contact Dr. Azizzadeh to schedule an initial consultation. Cosmetic surgeon Dr. Azizzadeh focuses on facial procedures and has provided wonderful results to many patients in the Los Angeles and Beverly Hills, California area.

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