Facial Trauma & Fractures

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Following an accident or other trauma to the face, the first step is always to treat any life threatening injuries and stabilize the patient.

After initial treatment, once the patient is out of immediate danger, craniofacial reconstruction may be necessary to restore full function, and correct both functional and cosmetic damage.

Craniofacial Reconstruction

Individual cranial reconstruction procedures will vary considerably from one person to the next, depending on the type and severity of the injuries.

The first step in mapping out a plan for reconstruction is to diagnose and visualize the injuries. To do this, we will use tools such as X-rays and digital tomography to create a detailed ‘map’ of the facial structure. This will allow us to assess the damage, and to determine the best way to go about reconstruction.

Using this information, we will develop a plan to repair and reconstruct facial damage. Depending on the specific case, this plan may include one of more of the following elements:

  • Rhinoplasty, to repair the function and appearance of the nose
  • Bone grafts and prosthetics, to heal and repair fractured bone
  • Skin and tissue transplants

If you’ve been involved in an accident and have suffered facial trauma or facial fractures in the Los Angeles or Beverly Hills, California area, contact Dr. Azizzadeh to schedule an initial consultation.

Facial reconstruction surgeon Dr. Azizzadeh, through his training at Harvard Medical School and UCLA, has mastered advanced microsurgical techniques and has gained an extensive surgical expertise in microvascular free flap reconstruction. Please contact Dr. Azizzadeh if you have any additional questions regarding these procedures.

Before and After Primary Rhinoplasty:
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Before After
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