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As the years go by, aging of the face is inevitable. The skin begins to loosen and the neck begins to give way. Crow’s feet can form in the corners of the eyes, you may develop jowling at the jawline, deep folds may appear at the corner of your mouth, and double chins may appear beneath the chin. Heredity, exposure to the sun, gravity and personal habits all contribute to aging of the face. However, there is a way to combat aging of the face: facial plastic surgery.

The mini-facelift rejuvenates the lower third of the face including the jowls and neck. Mini-facelifts accomplish many of the goals of the traditional face lift. The mini-facelift is also referred to as an S-lift or short incision facelift due to the shape and smaller size of the incision. Good candidates for the mini-facelift include people who want to take five years off their face. These patients may benefit from smaller incisions and the use of tiny barb sutures, instead of a large incision that requires heavier stitching.

The advantage to a mini-facelift is that it is tailored to meet specific needs, focusing primarily on trouble spots.

Endoscopic mini-facelifts use tiny incisions behind the hairline and inside the mouth to fit muscle and skin tissue. Because mini-face lifts can be easily modified to target specific problems and are generally associated with quick recovery, they are sometimes known as “weekend facelifts.”

Mini-facelifts can prevent the signs of again before they become readily apparent. The flexibility afforded by a mini-facelift allows your plastic surgeon to address specific areas while at the same time controlling the amount of time needed for recovery. Depending upon the extent of the surgery, you may need to stay in the hospital overnight following a mini-facelift; often, you are permitted to return home the day of the surgery.

Although a mini-facelift can only address a specific isolated problem in facial plastic surgery, the flexibility of the procedure and the fact there is no lengthy recovery process make the mini-facelift an exciting option, especially for younger patients.

If you would like to learn more about how a mini-facelift or other facial plastic surgery procedures that can take years off your appearance, please contact Beverly Hills Cosmetic Surgeon Babak Azizzadeh, MD today to schedule your initial consultation.

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