Winter Skin Survival Guide

winter skin survival guide

Winter can be one of the harshest seasons; especially for your skin. Redness, dryness, and overall discomfort often occur this time of year (even in sunny southern California).  To make matters more challenging, winter is usually the busiest time of the year and many people find it challenging to take care of their skin when it needs it most. Luckily, skincare expert Ashely Erickson R.N. has made a list of her recommendations for the best products to soothe your skin this winter season. Ashley works closely with Dr. Azizzadeh at The CENTER for Advanced Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery in the heart of Beverly Hills. They create a customized treatment plan for each patient who is looking to rejuvenate their skin. Dr. Azizzadeh is the author of five bestselling books including the popular consumer guidebook Beverly Hills Beauty Secrets. He has been featured in the media on Entertainment Tonight, The Doctors, LA Times and NY Times. He is internationally renowned as a leader in the field of facial rejuvenation.

Keeping You Skin Moisturized

One of the most challenging parts about winter skincare is making sure that your skin stays moisturized. Dry skin can lead to redness, peeling, and discomfort. Many over the counter moisturizers claim to do the trick, but nurse Ashley recommends using two products from the ZO SkinHealth line to keep your skin moisturized throughout the winter months. For daytime, most people prefer a lightweight moisturizer that won’t weigh your skin down. Nurse Ashley suggests using ZO Ommerse Renewal Cream which contains powerful antioxidants and hyaluronic acid to help restore hydration to dry skin. It also contains oat and willowherb extracts that are very soothing for skin irritation. For a night time moisturizer, the ZO Overnight Recovery Cream is nurse Ashley’s go-to product. This product has been specially formulated to treat severely dry skin and is heavier than a day-time moisturizer. Aside from retinol, it also contains shea butter and a specially formulated ceramide that helps create a barrier that protects your skin from water loss.

Anti-Aging and Antioxidants

There are two products that when used together, provide your skin with anti-aging benefits as well as protection from the winter weather. Nurse Ashley recommends using ZO Daily Power Defense every morning. It contains anti-aging ingredients like retinol, and also gives your skin a big boost of antioxidants with Vitamin E. Together, these ingredients work to minimize UV damage while restoring your skins natural elasticity. A complimentary product, ZO Growth Factor is recommended to be used at night before bed. It also contains retinol along with other active ingredients that help protect your skin against free radical damage and stimulates cellular function. Together these products create an awesome winter skin care regimen that will keep you looking rejuvenated and feeling great all winter long.

Sun Protection

Sun protection is just as important in the winter months as it is during the summer. Nurse Ashley recommends that her patients use sun protection 365 days a year, rain or shine.  She suggests using either TiZo or Elta Md to provide the daily protection that your skin needs. She always stresses the importance of making sunscreen application a part of your daily morning skincare routine. It’s  truly the best way to protect your skin, no matter what time of year.


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