What type of anesthesia is necessary for a nasal tip graft removal? It is easy to remove the nasal tip graft?

Can my nasal tip graft be removed under local anesthesia? I had an open rhinoplasty a year ago to slim my nose and my doctor decided to also add a strut and tip graft (taken from septum) that we never discussed and I never agreed to. Now my nose has too much projection, is too long, and has a point I never asked for. I want this graft and strut removed. Is this possible? Can this be done under local anesthesia? Does it have to be an open procedure again? Is this a simple procedure, or very complicated? Thank you.

Dr. Azizzadeh’s Expert Answer
Your nasal tip can be reconstructed, but definitely not under local anesthesia. This is not a quick removal. A revisional rhinoplasty will be required to create the nose you desire. General anesthesia is used during a rhinoplasty.

*Question from a patient on RealSelf.com
Center Staff