What Is Asian Eyelid Surgery?

AsianEthnicBlepharoplastyAsian eyelid surgery, or Asian blepharoplasty, dates back to 1896 when it was first performed in Japan. While most blepharoplasty is performed in order to reduce signs of aging around the eye, Asian eyelid surgery is used to create a double eyelid fold. In some Asian patients, single eyelid fold causes their eyes to appear smaller than they actually are. At the CENTER for Advanced Facial Plastic Surgery in Beverly Hills, Dr. Azizzadeh can correct this by establishing a natural-looking double eyelid fold that causes the eyes to look brighter and more rejuvenated.

How Is Asian Blepharoplasty different from General Blepharoplasty?

General blepharoplasty corrects multiple signs of aging in the eyes such as sagging skin, laxity, drooping eyebrows, and excess fat. Patients seeking a general blepharoplasty are able to receive upper eyelid surgery or lower eyelid surgery, depending on their individual needs. During an upper eyelid surgery, expert facial plastic surgeon Dr. Azizzadeh carefully and precisely removes excess skin, muscle, and fatty bags in order to create a more youthful and energized appearance. Lower eyelid surgery addresses the fatty deposits that accumulate under the eyes to give them a baggy and puffy appearance. Heavy bags under the eyes make the entire face look tired and older, and lower blepharoplasty can correct these problems. As a blepharoplasty expert, Dr. Azizzadeh ensures that any incision lines from blepharoplasty are practically invisible.

Asian blepharoplasty is concerned with changing the appearance of the eye through surgically creating a double eyelid fold in Asian patients who naturally have a single eyelid fold. This simple procedure requires either suturing the eyelid or making an incision in the patient’s natural crease and removing a minimal amount of fat and muscle in order to allow the eyelid to have a double fold. Dr. Azizzadeh is committed to giving Asian blepharoplasty patients a natural-looking aesthetic that is appropriate for their ethnic identity.

Who Should Perform Asian Blepharoplasty?

Asian blepharoplasty should only be performed by a highly qualified and experienced facial plastic surgeon who understands how to create ethnically appropriate eyelids for Asian patients. Dr. Azizzadeh specializes in developing a customized treatment plan for Asian patients in order to ensure the cultural identity is preserved through the blepharoplasty. The results of an Asian blepharoplasty should not look too overdone or too Western in appearance. It is important that the blepharoplasty complement the rest of the face and that the results are natural and harmonious. Dr. Azizzadeh performs a thorough eyelid surgery consultation with each patient to discuss goals and expectations for their Asian blepharoplasty.

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