What Do I Do If I’ve Had Too Much Fillers?

What Do I Do If I’ve Had Too Much Fillers?It’s summertime and everyone should want to look his or her best! Whether you have been hitting the gym or trying out a new hair color, alterations to your physical appearance have a fun and inspiring reaction to your overall mood!  As you have probably heard, facial fillers are a fantastic way to receive a non-invasive cosmetic alteration that can make you look years younger.  If you want to look your best for a summer wedding or all those vacation photos, be sure that you receive the best facial filler treatment from an experienced and board-certified facial plastic surgeon.  It is unfortunately common that people who receive a suboptimal result, fillers can

Prevent An Over-filled Look

If you have yet to receive a facial filler procedure and are doing your research then be sure to take notes here!  You can easily find out if a doctor is board-certified by either googling them or by reviewing the home page or about me section of their website.  Doctors always present their accreditations next to their name and often times include their medical education history in their bio.

While on a doctors website, be sure to check out their before and after gallery to see their work with facial fillers and any other treatments you may be interested in.  You want to be seen by a facial plastic surgeon that is skilled and proud of their past work, as reputation is just as important at the degrees on the wall.

Once you have chosen the right board-certified doctor for you, make sure you both understand the intended results for the facial filler treatment. Know that you can always start slow and not become too overzealous with the needle during the first treatment.  After you’ve healed there is always the opportunity to fill in more!

If you are receiving facial fillers for a specific event, doctors recommend that you give yourself one month to heal in-between the fillers and your special occasion or vacation.  Your face will need time to heal and natural swelling will have reduced within this month.

What Happens If You Are Already Overfilled?

If you have already been through an unsuccessful treatment and received too much facial filler, you can see a specialist that may be able to reduce the swelling.  If a hyaluronic acid based filler was used in your treatment, like Juvederm or Restylane, the substance can be easily dissolved to reduce negative results. This should be administered by an expert facial plastic surgeon.

Contact Dr. Azizzadeh

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