Valentine’s Day Restylane

Valentine's Day RestylaneASK CHLOE: I don’t like the way my lips look, they are too thin and I really don’t like using lip liner to create a fuller lip because I think it looks unnatural.Plus, with my Valentine’s Day dinner date I don’t want to worry about reapplication, what can I do?

With Valentine’s Day around the corner we often ponder on our imperfections.With the plethora of cosmetic proceduresavailable today, it is possible to make those insecurities disappear instantly! Enhancing your lips with Restylane is just one of the many procedures that can be done to reduce the appearance of aging and thin lips.

Ladies you no longer need to worry about the shaky application of lip liner to produce fuller lips. With help fromRestylane, thin lips are a thing of the past. Restylane is an injectable clear gel derived from hyaluronic acid, which is found naturally in our body and was recently approved by the Federal Drug Administration for lip augmentation. When injected by a true expert, like Dr. Azizzadeh, using the cannula technique the results are natural, and lips appear full, soft and kissable.

As you age the lips lose their natural volume and become thinner, but with Restylane lips are smooth, full and youthful.With special techniques Dr. Azizzadeh can inject the vermilion border, which is the boarder around the lip, to help create a more pronounced cupid’s bow, or simply into the body if the lip to create volume and symmetry. When using the blunt tip cannula the risks for bruising are significantly reduced and a more natural longer lasting result is achieved. The results from Restylane can be seen immediately and last for around six to nine months.