Top Cosmetic Trends for 2012

altOver the past decade the number of people seeking out cosmetic procedures has greatly increased. And with this increase in patients, doctors are offering new, advanced solutions for patients to look younger.

Dr. Azizzadeh predicts what is in store for 2012:

  • SCULPThera
  • Liquid browlifts
  • New delivery for injectables – blunt tip cannula
  • New injectables on the market give patients more choices
  • Minimally invasive surgery techniques

SCULPThera is a great non-surgical alternative to a facelift. The combination of Sculptra injections to revolumize the face and Ulthera treatments to tighten loose skin provides patients with remarkable results. And, the best part of SCULPThera is that this treatment only requires minimal downtime.

Liquid browlifts are likely the future of brow rejuvenation. Dr. Azizzadeh generally uses Sculptra in the temples and Restylane around the brows to achieve a youthful lift. Plus, with the new blunt tip cannula, Dr. Azizzadeh is able to place the fillers more precisely for optimal results.

Blunt tip cannulas have tremendously improved cosmetic injectable results. This new delivery for injectables is much more flexible than a needle, which presents significantly less pain for the patient during the procedure and considerably reduces bruising and social downtime after the injections.

New injectables on the market will give patients more choices. In 2011 the FDA approved Xeomin, a new neurotoxin that will compete with Botox and Dysport. Additionally, two new fillers, Belotero and LaViv, also received FDA approval. With all of the injectables available, doctor’s can better treat a patient’s unique anti-aging needs.

Minimally invasive surgery techniques not only leave patients with smaller scars, but they also drastically decrease recovery time. Dr. Azizzadeh is on the forefront of facial plastic surgery techniques and continues to find ways to make a procedure as minimally invasive as possible. In 2012 he expects to see some remarkable advancements in plastic surgery techniques.