The New Eye Paradigm

The New Eye ParadigmYou may have heard of the Beverly Hills “Golden Triangle,” a glamorous grid of commercial streets filled with luxury shops and restaurants, with the city’s fabled shopping avenue – Rodeo Drive – at the very center. The area is aptly named because it encompasses the idea of three sides coming together to form a perfect space, with a recognized ideal at the center. Now, we are proud to announce that a trio of leading physicians, Dr. Azizzadeh being one of them, is applying the “Golden Triangle” analogy to a method of achieving another recognized ideal: perfect eyes.

The New Eye Paradigm

It was a better anatomical understanding of periorbital aging that had Dr. Azizzadeh and two other renowned physicians join forces in order to achieve the ideal eyes. In an attempt to perfect the art of eyelid rejuvenation, Dr. Azizzadeh teamed up with experienced cosmetic dermatologist Dr. Rebecca Fitzgerald and Dr. Guy Massy, a renowned oculoplastic surgeon.

Together, they created “The New Eye Paradigm”, which is a product of utilizing novel surgical and non-surgical approaches together to achieve multi-disciplinary success for perfect eye enhancement.

As technology expands, the idea of surgery alone to accomplish a more youthful and rested appearance is diminishing, and patients seek an all-encompassing solution to achieve their desired results. The eyes are considered the windows to the soul and youthful eyes are among the most requested of anti-aging surgeries. This solution, believed to be the next big thing in eyelid rejuvenation, has been perfected by the established trio.

Understanding the Combination Therapy

Through a better understanding of eyelid anatomy, facial analysis and aging changes, the technique involves using fillers such as Restylane to actually re-contour the upper and lower eyelid hollows that result in an aged appearance. Botox and Ulthera, a microfocused ultrasound tightening device, is used in a complementary fashion to reposition the brows in a non-surgical manner.  This is a “New Eye Paradigm” from radical surgery that was the norm in the last several decades.

Today, we know that changes around the eyes associated with aging do not just involve sagging skin. There are multiple components such as loss of skin elasticity, drooping of the eyebrows and cheek fat pads, and weakness of supporting eyelid structures that lead to a tired appearance and puffiness under the eyes. This knowledge led the trio to the idea of combination therapy to achieve the absolute best results.

Traditionally, blepharoplasty surgery involved the removal of significant fat, skin and muscle in order to obtain what is perceived as “youthful” eyes. However, this approach often resulted in hollowness of the eye area and an unnatural “cat-like” look in the corner of the eyes.

Now, with this brand-new combination method, each individual receives a personalized approach to obtaining perfect eyes. The results are natural and involve minimal risks, complications and down-time.

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