Technology Accentuates Our Flaws

Technology Accentuates Our FlawsMost people wake up in the morning, shower and get ready to start their day.  Several years ago, If they were looking tired, old, sad, etc., it was easy to conceal. The solution….hide out.

With Facetime and Skype, those days are over. It is necessary to look your best at all times. Forehead wrinkles, sagging neck skin and loss of facial volume are accentuated in video chatting.  The worst part is that people are seeing your flaws from all angles and so are you.

No need to dread your digital devices. The good news is that a visit to the plastic surgeons office can help. Facial fillers, toxins, Ulthera and surgical procedures can improve your appearance and help you feel confident to turn on the video on your iPhone, iPad or tablet. You might even be excited to get in front of the camera!