Take 7 years off your face

How much younger will you look after your facelift?

Take 7 years off your faceAccording to new research, 7 years. The results of a cosmetic surgical procedure vary from patient to patient and depend on the doctor, the technique, and the patient’s physical features.  These variables can make having accurate expectations difficult. But when it comes to facelifts, plastic surgeons from the University of Toronto have determined that the average person will look 7.2 years younger. The research also found that patients who had several cosmetic procedures done were perceived to look even younger. One patient in the study was perceived to be 27 years younger than her actual age, which is rather impressive.

The study certainly allows prospective patients to get a better idea of their potential age-reversing outcomes, and confirms the perception plastic surgeons have had for years.

On top of looking 7.2 years younger, the vast majority of patients also reported improved self-esteem, higher quality of life, and positive reactions to their new appearance.

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