Social Media Trends Influence Increase In Cosmetic Surgery

Social Media Trends Influence Increase In Cosmetic SurgeryWith so many social media platforms available for people to use at any moment of any day, it’s no wonder that researchers are beginning to link outlets like Facebook, Skype, and FaceTime to an increase in certain cosmetic procedures over the past year. At the CENTER for Advanced Facial Plastic Surgery in Beverly Hills expert facial plastic surgeon Babak Azizzadeh, MD, FACS, has noticed a growing number of patients seeking cosmetic procedures relating to both the chin and neck.

How Is Social Media Affecting Cosmetic Surgery?

Because of the tremendous growth in video chatting seen over the past few years and in part to the amount of photos individuals see of themselves on a daily basis, people are beginning to notice more and more imperfections on their face that they hadn’t before. Video chatting specifically is leading to an increase in the amount of chin augmentations and neck lifts seen across the world because of the angle in which the user sees themselves. When video chatting, there is usually a small self-image in the corner of the screen, causing users to look down and to the right or left which can accentuate the appearance of a small or weak chin and a sagging neck.

As a world-renowned facial plastic surgeon who helps many patients overcome cosmetic problems relating to the face on a daily basis, Dr. Azizzadeh believes that younger individuals using social media are more concerned with the appearance of their chin, and older social media users tend to notice a sagging neck.  To correct a small or weak chin, Dr. Azizzadeh often recommends the patient undergo a chin augmentation which can be either with a surgical implant or, in some cases, non-invasive facial fillers. For those who would benefit most from neck rejuvenation, a surgical neck lift where excess skin can be trimmed away and fat repositioned may be the best option. Alternatively, for patients who are just beginning to see signs of aging on their neck and jawline, non-invasive Ulthera treatments offer great results. This non-surgical procedure can lift and tighten loose skin, rejuvenating the patient’s neckline after just one treatment.

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At the CENTER for Advanced Facial Plastic Surgery in Beverly Hills, world-renowned facial plastic surgeon Babak Azizzadeh, MD, FACS, strives to bring his patients cosmetically pleasing and balanced results. If you’d like to learn more about finding the perfect cosmetic treatment for you, we encourage you to contact the CENTER today by calling (310) 657-2203 to schedule your initial consultation, during which Dr. Azizzadeh will be able to come up with a tailored treatment plan completely customized for you. Because of his unique knowledge of both the function and aesthetics of the face, Dr. Azizzadeh’s knowledge is truly unparalleled in the field of facial plastic surgery.

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