Qualities Of A Great Plastic Surgeon

Qualities Of A Great Plastic SurgeonDr. Azizzadeh recently spoke with HauteMD.com about what he thinks are the qualities to look for in a great plastic surgeon. From putting your patients’ satisfaction as a top priority to staying educated about the newest advances in plastic surgery Dr. Azizzadeh discusses what he believes separates good doctors from great ones!

How should plastic surgeons approach patient satisfaction?
Customer satisfaction should be a top priority of every surgeon. Even though cosmetic surgery can sometimes be subjective, I truly want to have a 100% satisfaction rate, or as close as it is humanly possible.  This means that we spend more time with patients than most plastic surgery offices.  During our consultations, we use cutting-edge technology such as 3-dimensional imaging systems to better discuss the potential results of the surgery. Furthermore, we use illustrations to detail the surgical procedure and anatomy, we go over before and after photos of patients with similar issues, we have a second consultation 1-2 days before surgery to make sure that the patient and I are in sync and on the same page with goals and expectations, and, most importantly, I listen to my patients to make sure that I can not only meet their expectations but beat them!

What characteristics separate a great doctor from a good one?  
A good plastic surgeon may have nice bedside manners, may be a good clinician, may be a good educator, may be a good surgeon or may be cutting-edge. But a great doctor has it all: A cutting-edge physician is able to critically analyze and incorporate new techniques, while knowing time-tested procedures.  He/she knows not only when to perform a procedure but also what exactly needs to be done to obtain excellent results.  Furthermore, they can handle unforeseen complications with deft skills.  In addition to being kind and compassionate, they must also listen to their patients.  Finally, they must possess amazing “surgical skills” that are precise and detail-oriented in order to obtain the best possible outcome.

How do you keep abreast of the latest advances and techniques in facial plastic surgery?
To keep up with the latest advances, one must be at the cutting edge of medicine by being an educator, researcher and constantly reading the latest medical and lay journals.  I teach residents and run the USC facial plastic surgery fellowship program.  Furthermore, I am a co-director of MACRO, which is a clinical research organization that performs clinical trials. I have also edited the top three medical textbooks in my specialty, which has allowed me to collaborate with some of the top experts in the world.

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