Plastic Surgery Really Does Make People Look Younger

Plastic Surgery Really Does Make People Look YoungerWe can all agree aesthetic facial surgical procedures make people look younger, but how much younger exactly? Well, after 40 medical students were asked to guess the age of people shown to them in before and after photographs, plastic surgery seems to make people look 8.9 years younger than their actual age.

The data* featured 60 patients who had all undergone facial plastic surgeries. The patients were divided into three groups:

  • Face and neck lift group (Group 1)
  • Face and neck lift and eyelid work (blepharoplasty) group (Group 2)
  • Eyelid work, and face, neck and forehead lifts (Group 3)

On average, the medical students guessed that the patients were 1.7 years younger than they actually were when evaluating photos taken before surgery. When the students looked at photos from all three groups taken after surgery, they guessed the patients were 8.9 years younger than they actually were.

Here are the results for the individual groups:

  • Group 1: 5.7 year change in perceived age
  • Group 2: 7.5 year change in perceived age
  • Group 3: 8.5 year change in perceived age

The study differs from previous studies in that it quantified how much younger the medical students thought the people in the photographs were after undergoing surgery, and the findings are similar to what one could expect.

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* The study was performed by researchers from the University of Toronto and North Shore University Health System. The study was lead by Jeremy P. Warner, M.D., and was reported in Archives of Facial Plastic Surgery.