Majority Of Young Women Want To Have Plastic Surgery

Considering Cosmetic Surgery? Here Is Your HomeworkMore! Magazine recently surveyed 1,150 young adults, and found that 7 in 10 young women want to have plastic surgery, and almost half are planning on having surgery in the near future. The poll, which featured more than 1,000 women between 18 and 30 years old, found that more than 60%think they have a right to cosmetic procedures if they have insecurities about the way they look.

More than half of the women surveyed said they wanted to have cosmetic surgery because they were unhappy with the way they looked, while a third said they would have an operation to make themselves more confident. The majority also said they would be supportive of their husband or boyfriend if they wanted to undergo cosmetic surgery.

The Numbers:

  • 72% want to have cosmetic surgery
  • 49% are planning to have work done in the near future
  • 35% view surgery as a way to improve self-confidence
  • 79% would be supportive of family having cosmetic surgery

The results show that young women are concerned with their body image, and view plastic surgery as an acceptable and desirable way to correct imperfections. Cosmetic procedures are becoming more socially acceptable, which is especially evident when considering all the young women who openly aspire to cosmetic surgery.

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