How to avoid a Michael Jackson nose when considering a nose job.

What causes a disaster ‘Michael Jackson Nose’? I’ve tried suppressing ideas of getting rhinoplasty since my nose doesn’t bother me too much but I think since I have the money my only concern is it going wrong. What causes noses to go…weird in surgery? Can’t the doctor see the nose looks ridiculous?

Dr. Azizzadeh’s Expert Answer:
A nose like Michael Jackson’s does not happen over the course of one or even two surgical procedures. To end up with a nose like Michael Jackson’s, multiple procedures would have to be performed. If you are considering rhinoplasty, but worried that your nose will turn out like Michael Jackson’s, you can do a few things. First, I would recommend you doing your homework when it comes to finding a plastic surgeon. Try to find a doctor that has lots of experience doing rhinoplasties and revisional rhinoplasties. Finding a facial plastic surgeon is even better. A doctor that is familiar with rhinoplasties will help ensure your nose fits your face. Additionally, find a plastic surgeon with imaging software in the office. This way, you can see what your new nose will look like and if you are happy with the potential results. Please remember that Michael Jackson is a huge exception rather than rule.

Center Staff