Groundbreaking World War I Plastic Surgeries

Groundbreaking World War I Plastic SurgeriesRecently released medical records detailing the groundbreaking work of Dr. Gillies, the plastic surgeon who developed some of the first successful skin grafts during the Great War, have emerged and can now be viewed.

Records relating to more than 3,000 treated soldiers were recently published online for the first time ever, and reflect procedures between 1917 and 1925. The extremely rare records, which can be viewed on, give plastic surgeons across the globe a unique opportunity to learn even more about the history of reconstructive surgery. The records belong to Dr. Gillies, who was a renowned and established surgeon at the time. He carried out the first modern plastic surgery to rebuild the face of a sailor by performing a skin graft on severe facial injuries around the patient’s eyes.

The medical world owes a great deal to Dr. Gillies and his pioneering developments. Without his efforts, the field of plastic surgery might not be as advanced as it is today. The records are an important source of information for the medical world, and gives practicing surgeons a unique look at what at the time was innovative surgical procedures that helped reconstruct the faces of badly injured soldiers and airmen. The files associated with his work are an unparalleled resource for the study of this important branch of medicine.

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