Fillers Vs. Surgery

Fillers Vs. SurgeryToday, we know that it is not only volume but the “shape” of the face that plays an exceedingly important role in the perception of youth and beauty. In order to achieve a truly youthful appearance, we need to address volume loss and lax skin and muscle.

We are always seeking to find non-invasive alternatives to traditional surgery. There are several areas where fillers and energy-based tightening devices have made a tremendous impact in reducing the need for surgery. This, in particular, holds true for younger patients who would have needed surgery to see the same results less than a decade ago.

First and foremost, the browlift will likely become a procedure that is only used for the most extreme cases of drooping. Today, we know that volume loss is a major cause of the aging process in this area, which is why at the CENTER, Dr. Azizzadeh performs far fewer brow lift procedures than in the past.

In the new age of beauty, Dr. Azizzadeh uses Sculptra to volumize the temple region, and Restylane with blunt tip cannula to restore a youthful appearance of the brows. Ulthera is then used to lift the outer portion of the brow. This combination does, in Dr. Azizzadeh’s professional opinion, produce a much more youthful appearance than traditional brow lift procedures.

The mid-face lift has also been largely replaced with volume restoration using filler or fat to recreate youthful appearance.

The lower face, however, is still an area where surgery, in combination with volume augmentation, beats all other modalities. Although Ulthera and other tightening devices may improve the laxity; surgery is still king.

Dr. Azizzadeh is one of the leading international experts in non-surgical and surgical anti-aging procedures. His expertise in both areas allows him to provide patients with the best possible rejuvenation procedures. If you would like to schedule a consultation with one of the most sough-after physicians in Los Angeles, give us a call at (310) 657-2203.