Dr. Azizzadeh Featured in New Beauty Magazine Winter Issue

Dr. Azizzadeh Featured in New Beauty Magazine Winter Issue Dr. Babak Azizzadeh, the director of the CENTER for Advanced Facial Plastic Surgery, recently answered some questions for the New Beauty Magazine Winter issue. New Beauty is the first publication devoted exclusively to providing a comprehensive guide to the latest advances in plastic surgery, dermatology and cosmetic dentistry, as well as revealing the best beauty secrets, must-have products and expert advice.

Below, you will find some of the Q&As from the New Beauty Magazine interview.

Why is there still such a large incidence of fillers, injectables and surgery gone wrong?

There are some inherent risks with all procedures, whether non-invasive or surgical. However, those risks are greater for practitioners that do not understand the anatomy, lack adequate training, and/or are earlier in their learning curve of becoming an expert. That is why it is important that patients do their research before picking a physician.

What is bat brow caused by Botox and what type of look can it convey? Why does it happen? Avoided?

It is the result of poor injection technique. The frontalis muscle spans across the forehead, and some practitioners in their hope to get a brow elevation do not inject the area near the temple. As a result, that region of the muscle goes up, while the central portion does not.

The good news is that prevention is simple. Just inject that region, albeit at lower dosage, to prevent brow drooping.

What is ping pong face caused by fillers? What type of fillers generally causes this look? Why does it happen? How can it be reversed? Avoided?

This problem is actually less about the type of filler, and more about poor understanding of facial aesthetics. As more and more practitioners have jumped on the “volume bandwagon”, we have seen faces that are overfilled with excessive rounding.

An appropriate and youthful face is heart-shaped with appropriate volume around the eyes and temple, and narrower width near the lower part of the face. Prevention therefore relies on better understanding of the facial shape, and avoiding over-stuffing patients with fillers.

What is wind tunnel face as the result of a facelift? Why does it happen? How can it be reversed? Avoided?

Facial rejuvenation requires a three-dimensional approach that not only addresses laxity but also volume loss. Wind-tunnel occurs for two reasons: over-zealous lifting using wrong vectors (pulling back rather than up), and not addressing volume loss that is associated with aging. Treatment requires revision facelift with fat grafting to reverse and address the issue.

Why does scar tissue form in the lips as a result of enhancement? How can this have an effect on the way your lips look and what type of effect can it lead to?

People should know that this rarely occurs with HA fillers, but is seen more with overzealous silicone injections, non-approved fillers, and surgical implants. I prefer to use HA fillers as they are effective and low risk.

What is runners face? Why is volume lost in the face with age?

Runners face is essentially significant lipoatrophy due to low body fat percentage. I do not think there is any way to prevent it, but I love Sculptra for this problem as it is extremely effective and long-lasting.

Why is it important to find a good doctor for any type of rejuvenation or aesthetic procedures? What should you be looking for? What should you avoid?

The physician’s level of experience and expertise is paramount to a successful outcome, regardless of whether the procedures are invasive or not. Furthermore, know that it is the artistic sense of beauty of the physician that differentiates the good from the great.

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