Does a smile need to be perfectly symmetrical?

Does a smile need to be perfectly symmetrical? No, asymmetries are part of one’s beauty.

For instance, Kate Middleton’s smile isn’t symmetrical by choice! She has opted to maintain her smile’s “harmonious asymmetry” instead of a symmetrical smile that can often look artificial.

With a little help from a cosmetic dentist in France, Kate’s teeth look spectacular because they are not perfectly straight and are not strikingly white. Kate’s slightly asymmetric teeth keep her smile looking naturally beautiful.

However, for those with severely uneven smiles, Botox injections are a great treatment to help even it out for a naturally beautiful look.

A smile often lacks symmetry when the facial muscles on one side of the face are stronger than the other side, therefore pulling a smile more to one side than the other.

Additionally, Botox can help improve a gummy smile. By relaxing the facial muscles that are pulling the upper lip over the gums, the upper lip will lower and the smile will be less gummy.

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