Can I really freeze my fat away?

Can I really freeze my fat away?

First and foremost, patients need to make sure they have picked a surgeon who has expertise and experience in this particular procedure. Many believe rhinoplasty is the most difficult procedure in cosmetic surgery, so patients should find a surgeon who has significant

CoolSculpting is the newest non-invasive treatment that promises to eliminate pockets of fat. This FDA-approved treatment works by freezing fat cells and causing them to die.

But does CoolSculpting really work? Yes!

Over the years the market has been flooded with misleading treatments that promise instant weight loss, but many have come up short. However, we have finally found one that delivers its promise! CoolSculpting actually works and provides beautiful results.

During this in-office treatment, the CoolSculpting device will be placed on your trouble area. The device will suction up the area to be treated and then cools the area for the next hour. The extreme cold freezes the fat cells and causes them to die. Over the next 2-4 months, your body naturally flushes out those dead fat cells, leaving you with a flatter stomach, reduced love handles or a smoother back!

If you are in relatively good shape, but still have a few stubborn pounds to lose, you are likely a great candidate for CoolSculpting.

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