Asking Questions Before Surgery Gives Better Results

Asking Questions Before Surgery Gives Better ResultsPeople often ask us if it is OK that they ask questions. Our response:Not only is it OK to ask questions, it is BETTER for everyone involved if you do!

Additionally, the more questions you ask, the more likely you will be happy with the results of your procedure.

Major factors can affect a patients overall happiness, including a patient’s expectations, life events, expectations of friends and family, and whether the patient is a positive person or not. Simply put, some patients will be ecstatic with their results, while other patients might consider their procedure a failure. Determining if a procedure was successful or not will be up to the patient, for better or worse, as nothing else matters. The opinion of the patient is the only thing that counts, and rightfully so.

In order to guarantee success, asking questions will actually help both parties tremendously. While you might think you were the one who was interviewing the doctor, a great surgeon will use the consultation to help determine if you are a suitable candidate or not and to determine what your goals are for the procedure. Time spent upfront discussing the patient’s wishes and motivation for surgery is always time well spent.

A surgeon needs to consider where the patient is in his/her life, the timing of the surgery, the reason for considering surgery, and, perhaps most importantly, the patients overall expectations. While you might not know this, a successful surgery often comes down to the surgeon making an accurate evaluation of your candidacy.

Meanwhile, from a patient perspective, you should be happy with your surgery if you do the following:

  • Do your homework
  • Find a surgeon with lots of relevant experience
  • Ask questions prior to surgery
  • Discuss the risks and benefits

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