Are Selfie’s Leading to More Facial Plastic Surgery?

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How often do you take a selfie? New facial plastic surgery statistics recently revealed social media’s impact on cosmetic surgery. One in three plastic surgeons surveyed saw an increase in patient requests for procedures because they were more self-aware of their looks due to online photo sharing. At the CENTER for Advanced Facial Plastic Surgery in Beverly Hills, Dr. Azizzadeh is a double-board certified facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon who provides the highest level of care possible for patients who are interested in facial rejuvenation.

Virtual First Impressions

First impressions aren’t just made face-to-face anymore. Now people can easily see what other people look like through photos and videos before they even meet. That fact alone makes individuals more aware of their appearances. Your image may potentially reach employers, dates, and friends before you have any in-person contact.

Photo and Video Apps

Websites and apps, such as Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat, are primarily visual-based platforms that make users constantly aware of their physical attributes. However, selfies, FaceTime, and Skype images do not always accurately reflect the person’s appearance because the neck is usually in a downward position. Dr. Azizzadeh believes that the neck needs to always be evaluated in a neutral position to accurately grasp the aesthetics and natural anatomy, otherwise individuals will seek unnecessary procedures.

Good Candidates for Facial Plastic Surgery

If an individual does have anatomical features that can benefit from aesthetic intervention, then he or she needs to have a facelift surgery, rhinoplasty, eyelid surgery, or other facial rejuvenation consultation with an experienced and trustworthy expert. Patients need to be confident and happy with who they are before they undergo surgery. While there are so many modern procedures, such as face and neck lifts, that create natural and customized results specifically designed for an individual patient, the surgery will not change who he or she is. The patient needs to have a strong sense of self and realistic expectations.

Non Surgical Facial Rejuvenation Treatments

Younger individuals notice the aging process more frequently when photos are such a common part of everyday life. Since some, especially younger patients, do not want to immediately have surgery, minimally invasive, non-surgical facial rejuvenation treatments are becoming even more popular and an appealing option to consider. A liquid facelift uses injectable fillers to diminish fine lines, wrinkles, and volume loss, creating a rejuvenated, fresh look without surgery.

Choosing the Right Facial Plastic Surgeon

It’s important that patients choose facial plastic surgery for the right reasons. During Dr. Azizzadeh’s comprehensive consultations, he encourages open dialogues that address all aspects of potential procedures to help achieve the best possible outcomes. Since Dr. Azizzadeh has unsurpassed knowledge of the aging process, he is able to customize each treatment for an individual patient in a way that produces natural and refreshed results. If you do opt for surgery, he may also suggest dermal fillers or fat grafting that complement the procedure to create a look that is just right for you.

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