Are Ethnic Nose Jobs Really THAT Different?

Why It Is Important Not To Smoke Before SurgeryThe term “ethnic rhinoplasty” is a bit of a misnomer as every ethnicity has its own variation and additionally there are tremendous differences, even within one ethnic population. We really need to think about ethnic rhinoplasty as a customized nasal surgery that will achieve results, which are harmonious with the patient’s ethnicity, gender, facial skeletal shape, height, chin and aging process.

While an ethnic patient would like their nose to be shaped differently, it isusually important to the patient to have a nose that still fits all ofthese variables post-rhinoplasty. The point of a nose job is to look better in an appropriate and natural way.  Friends and family should really not be able to tell one has undergone a plastic surgical procedure.

To this end, when plastic surgeons first started doing nose jobs they were only using Caucasian guidelines, no matter who they were operating on. Techniques are slowly changing to artistically have outcomes that reflect more than one ‘standard’ of what a nose is supposed to look like.

Dr. Azizzadeh is an expert at preserving ethnic identity, while still giving you the nose you desire! He has done thousands of nose jobs and educates other surgeons on how to dothem.

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