All About The DEKA Dot Laser!

As we age, we experience different changes to our face that we may not life, which can cause patients to look for a variety of non-surgical ways to treat the signs of aging. At the CENTER for Advanced Facial Plastic Surgery in Beverly Hills, Dr. Azizzadeh understands these issues and knows exactly what options are best for a range of facial rejuvenation treatments. Dr. Azizzadeh, world-renowned facial plastic surgeon, offers the DEKA Dot laser system, which is the most highly advanced fractional CO2 laser today.

What is a DEKA Dot Laser?

The DEKA Dot laser is a non-invasive and non-surgical procedure that allows patients to undergo positive changes in their appearance without any incisions. It uses a fractional CO2 laser that’s cutting edge and treats a variety of signs of facial aging. The Dot 1540 laser uses an infrared and pulsed light working through progressive technology allowing Dr. Azizzadeh to actively control varying wavelengths that pinpoint rejuvenation areas for each patient. Through treatment with the DEKA Dot laser, collagen levels are increased resulting in healthy skin that glows. The DEKA Dot laser has the flexibility to treat multiple skin types and can be adjusted for thin or thick skin.

Often times, Dr. Azizzadeh performs this treatment in congruent with other treatments. The DEKA Dot laser is a great complimentary treatment for people undergoing more invasive forms of surgery, like facelift, brow lifts, rhinoplasty, or a necklift. Because the patient will already be under anesthesia when the laser treatment is performed, there is absolutely no additional discomfort!

What Does the DEKA Dot Laser Treat?

The DEKA Dot laser is the perfect treatment for any patient who sees signs of facial aging but prefers not to undergo surgical treatment. People might have concerns about going the surgical route, so this is a great options for those experiencing signs of:

  • Deep Wrinkles
  • Skin Laxity
  • Fine Lines
  • Acne or Surgical Scars

The DEKA Dot laser corrects deep lines and texture irregularities in the skin allowing patients to experience a full facial rejuvenation.

What are DEKA Dot Treatments Like?

At the CENTER, in order to customize your procedure, we will need to examine you in person so we can show you the different options for your specific face. We will listen to your personal goals and essentially deliver the best results for you. The actual treatment consists of Dr. Azizzadeh or Nurse Jodi using a laser with infrared and pulsed light to specifically target different areas of your face for maximum rejuvenation. Collagen levels are boosted giving you youthful looking beautiful skin. Recovery times for the DEKA Dot laser are typically between 3-5 days but can vary depending on each patient. In the initial few days, we recommended vinegar soaks. At day 3, patients may begin to start sloughing skin but this varies for each patient. At day 7, patients can perform regular daily activities again.

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