6 Questions to Ask Your Doctor Before Sculptra Aesthetic Injections

There are so many anti-aging treatments available, so it is important to make sure Sculptra is the best option for your individual aging issues. Here are the top 6 questions you should ask your doctor before receiving Sculptra injections.

  1. Is Sculptra the best way for me to meet my anti-aging goals?
  2. Are there any other treatments similar to Sculptra that I should consider?
  3. How many Sculptra treatments will I need to look my best?
  4. Are there any other anti-aging treatments that can be combined with Sculptra so I can get the best rejuvenation results?
  5. How experienced are you injecting Sculptra?  How many cases have you performed over the last month?
  6. How many years have you been injecting Sculptra?

An experienced injector will be happy to answer all of these questions, plus any others you may have. It is important to find an injector who is specialized in Sculptra injection techniques in order to get the best results possible and avoid possible complications.

We feel an experienced Sculptra injector should inject at least 5 patients every month, and should have at least 2+ years experience injecting Sculptra.  An even bigger plus is if they are a physician trainer for the company who makes Sculptra.

Additionally, you need to feel comfortable with the doctor’s Sculptra philosophy and make sure you are both in agreement about your rejuvenation goals.   It is a good idea to ask to see before/after photos from other patients they have injected with Sculptra to ensure you are in agreement about the end goal.

Here is more information on Sculptra. If you are considering a Sculptra treatment, schedule a consultation with Dr. Azizzadeh today so he can answer all of your questions and develop an individual treatment plan to meet your anti-aging goals.