3 Ways to Transform Aging Eyes

3 Ways to Transform Aging EyesDue to sun exposure and function, our eyes typically show the first signs of aging. Aside from this, genetics, facial structure, and stress all contribute to the state of our skin and droopiness and wrinkles are a common occurrence around the eyes.  There are luckily many different routes you can take to helping your aging eyes, and therefore your entire face, appear younger and happier.  From makeup at your local drug store to invasive cosmetic procedures, there are a great deal of options to have your aging eyes look years younger.  If you are interested in minimally invasive procedures or other cosmetic surgeries, like blepharoplasty’s, contact board-certified Beverly Hills facial plastic surgeon, Dr. Azizzadeh for more information on these life enhancing procedures!

Makeup & Moisturizers

The first signs of aging eyes can be easily altered by using makeup and moisturizers.  There are a few different methods makeup artists use to have clients looking younger and more radiant.  For example, if you are concerned that your eyes look droopy, try thickening and raising your brows with an eyebrow pencil.  With delicate form and shaping, you can highlight the shape of the brow bone and give the effect of lifted brows.  See an eyebrow specialist for the best results!

Moisturizers are great as they encourage you skin’s natural production of hyaluronic acid, which prevents the early signs of aging.  Hyaluronic acid can also help fade dark circles and reduce puffiness around the eyes.  Most moisturizers today contain sunscreen, which also helps prevent further exposure!

Facial Fillers

Facial fillers are a great way to add more volume to your face with immediate results! Facial fillers are injected into the areas around the eyes where the skin is less full than it used to be, quickly making your skin look more radiant and area around the eyes more youthful.  Patients love this non-invasive procedure because it is quick, relatively inexpensive and effective.  Be sure to contact an experienced plastic surgeon, like Dr. Azizzadeh, for more information about facial fillers.  Although this is a non invasive procedure, it is very important to be in the hands of a trusted plastic surgeon professional.In addition to facial fillers, skin-tightening Ulthera, which uses ultrasound technology to penetrate deep within the skins surface and promote collagen growth, is an excellent complimentary treatment and can help lift the brows without any surgery. For patients who wish to address textural irregularities and skin laxity, the DEKA Dot laser is the most advanced non-ablative laser system and can uniquely target lower eyelid skin for tightening.


If makeup and facial fillers wont help the sagging area around your eyes, consult a board-certified plastic surgeon, like Dr. Azizzadeh, and ask about blepharoplasty surgery.  This procedure is preformed to remove extra skin and tighten the area around you eyes.  Check out Dr. Azazzadeh’s before and after gallery to see the results of this popular procedure.

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You have many options to help your aging eyes appear more radiant and youthful.  If you are choosing to go the invasive or minimally invasive route, contact Beverly Hill’s expert plastic surgeon, Dr. Azizzadeh!  Call (310) 657-2203 to schedule a consultation today and find out more about facial fillers or blepharoplasty’s effect on your maturing eyes!