3 Tricks to Reduce Post-Procedure Bruising

How to Avoid Post Procedure Swelling

Botox, fillers, and surgery can all work wonders for patient’s self-image, but come with the unfortunate risk of temporary post-procedure bruising. Although swelling and bruising usually only last a few days, wouldn’t you love to avoid them all together? World renowned surgeon and facial rejuvenation expert Dr. Babak Azizzadeh divulges a few “tricks of the trade” for minimizing the risk of post-procedure side effects. Dr. Azizzadeh is a pioneer in the field of facial plastic surgery. Since his training at the prestigious Harvard University, Dr. Azizzadeh has gone on to write five best-selling books including Beverly Hills Beauty Secrets and Master Techniques in Facial Rejuvenation. Dr. Azizzadeh has become world renowned for his minimally invasive technique and natural results. He has been voted Top Doctor by US News and World Report and has been featured in countless media outlets including The Doctors, Entertainment Tonight, and the Oprah Winfrey Show.

#1- Avoid Blood Thinners

If you are scheduled to receive Botox, injectable fillers, or surgery it’s important to stop taking any medications or supplements that could potentially thin your blood. Thin blood leads to a greater chance of bleeding and or bruising during facial rejuvenation procedures. If you normally take prescription medications such as non-steroid anti-inflammatory drugs, you need to speak to your primary care physician before discontinuing. There are common over the counter medications like Ibuprofen and Aspirin based products that also should be avoided. Certain supplements have been found to make the blood thinner and therefore increase the risk of bleeding and bruising. Patients need to stay away from fish oils, vitamin E, and garlic extract. It’s also important to stay away from alcohol (including wine and beer) before any procedure. If your appointment is for Botox or injectable fillers, these products should be avoided for a week in advance of the appointment, and for surgical procedures they should be discontinued 2 weeks before their surgery.

#2- Arnika Forte and Bromelain

Many people are familiar with home remedies for post-procedure bruising such as eating pineapple, but very few know about Arnika and bromelain. Dr. Azizzadeh recommends that his patients use arnika and bromelain tablets to help speed up the life cycle of bruising and swelling after injections or surgery. At The CENTER for Facial Plastic Surgery, Dr. Azizzadeh provides his patients with the only bromelain and Arnica duo in one capsule to treat bruising, swelling, and pain post-surgery or post-dermal filler injections. It is safe to take, as it is all natural and free of dyes and artificial colors. Taking the tablets for 7 days has proven to decrease the downtime that patients experience following cosmetic procedures and allows them to enjoy the benefits of their treatment as soon as possible.

#3- Doctors Technique and Experience

The technique and amount of experience of the injecting physician is directly related to post-procedure side effects like bruising and swelling. Dr. Azizzadeh is a leading pioneer with the blunt cannula approach for injectable fillers. By swapping out the traditional needle for a blunt tip-cannula, patients benefit in a variety of ways including reduced down-time. Using blunt-tip cannulas result in less trauma to the facial tissue which drastically minimizes bruising and swelling after injections. It’s important to thoroughly research the physician’s credentials and make sure that they are very experienced with whatever type of procedure you are considering. It’s worth the time and effort it takes to find a true expert who can provide you with the best possible result and the minimum amount of downtime.

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