Treatment of Asymetric Nostrils, Short overturned nose treatment and Rhinoplasty

Treatment of Asymetric Nostrils

Many patients who undergo ethnic rhinoplasty including African-Americans, Asians and Middle Easterns will require nostril modification at the time of their primary rhinoplasty. Many individuals unfortunately develop asymmetric nostrils from their primary rhinoplasty and as a result are quite displeased with their overall aesthetics. Furthermore, individuals who have cleft lip deformities oftentimes have very asymmetric nostrils and their original rhinoplasty procedures have not addressed it adequately.

Dr. Azizzadeh at The Institute for Rhinoplasty & Nasal Reconstruction in Beverly Hills, California will analyze extensively the nostril deformities both in terms of aesthetics as well as function. Asymmetric nostrils often result in nasal breathing disorders with poor function that can debilitate the patient’s quality of life. As a result, both the function and the form of the nose need to be addressed at the time of the surgery. Asymmetric nostrils do oftentime require very careful reconstructive procedures both utilizing cartilage grafting as well as local tissue rearrangements to correct and improve the nostril asymmetry. An open rhinoplasty approach is utilized and advanced surgical technique is required to correct these deformities. If there is significant nostril deformity, the surgical procedure may require tissue transplantation, cartilage grafting as well as the use of nasal stents to correct deficiency. These more advanced procedures are utilized only for very significant and severe nasal vestibular deformities and asymmetries.